Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tying with Love

I went to the quilt tying service that April coordinated yesterday. I was only there for one hour or so, but I am so glad I went.

I was so touched that so many people were there to help. April told me at one point there were about 75 people tying quilts! Because it was basically an open house style, people came and went. I bet more than 75 people came.

Because of the lighting, I don't have many good pictures, but here are some I want to share with you all. April is busy sewing away. She must be so busy getting ready for the quilt market in May as is... I just admire her kindness and determination to help.

Look at these helping hands...

I know many of them had other places to go, or things to do, but they were here working happily. (You guys are so awesome!)

I also noticed many young girls too, how wonderful to learn the value of service at an early age.

I don't know exactly how many quilts were made (because some people took them home to bind them at home), but I am sure there were lots. I brought a couple quilts home to finish too.

Also, April wanted me to spread the word that she will have a bunch of kits for making quilts to donate. If you are interested in making them to help out, please contact her through her blog.

Let me say thank you all for doing this. Also to all the people out there trying to make a difference, I just want to say "THANK YOU!!!" on behalf of other Japanese people... The earthquake was a horrible disaster, and I wish it never happened, but seeing people come together to show compassion and help is amazing.

It gives me some comfort to know that (I hope shipments will arrive to Japan right away!) these quilts are made with lots of love and will warm some people in Japan. Now, I’m off to work on the quilts I brought home. :)


  1. What a wonderful thing people can do together to comfort others! I know the people who recieve these will feel the love when they wrap themselves in the quilts.

  2. That is such a neat idea! It brought a lot of people together for a great cause.

  3. Fantastic! I know this needed endeavor will be much appreciated and felt as love. Here is what I am working on for donations. I hope your family is safe. Take care.

  4. My grandmother used to "tie-off" quilts all the time and I often helped. I forgot all about this. Thanks for your great post.


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