Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway! and New Quilt

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Ok, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, my blog became much more than a "craft blog" to me. It became my place to organize my thoughts and feelings about this tragedy, and getting the support I needed. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your comments to show your support and the information to help the people in Japan.

I am slowly returning to my normal self, and so far I feel ok. There is a lot to worry about still, but my family is alive and ok, I can breathe better now.

The first two days I was glued to the TV and trying to get as much as information as I can. Between the crying and watching TV, I finished a quilt. Being busy really helped me to moving along.

I pieced this quilt top a loong time ago. I have a pile of quilt tops sitting in my hobby room waiting to be quilted, and this was one of them... Over the years, my taste in quilts has changed a lot, but I wanted to finish this. I started hand quilting this a while ago, but I finally finished it!

Right away I basted a quilt so I can start quilting. I pieced that one almost 10 years ago, and there are two of the same ones for my boys’ beds. Hmmm... It is time to finish them. I am so glad that I didn't make it too babyish of a design. They can still use them. I will share pictures when I finish them.

I love sewing and quilting, I like all the other creative stuff too, but those two things will be my greatest loves for rest of my life. Do you have anything like that in your life that makes you happy?


  1. Today I will attend the last lesson of my firts patchwork class (batting and quilting I guess) .... and so far I'm already completely in love with it ....

    This is quite different to what I am doing (sampler) ...... but I like it veeeeeeeeery much!!!

    Many compliments and plus ..... it's so good to hear you feel better and confident about your family!

  2. Lovely quilt! It sure helps to keep busy and craft in times when not everything is going well. I wish you and your family all the best!

  3. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful quilt!

  4. So sorry about the tragedy that is happening in Japan. My mom had a pen-pal from there and we don't know if she (or her family) survived. My thoughts are with you!

    As for having a hobby/craft that makes me happy - I do!!
    It's called Tatting!

    Sadly enough, we just had a recent death in the family, so I haven't felt much up to tatting (nor have I had the time).. I still love the art, but my thoughts are elsewhere these days.

    May you have a nice week!

  5. It's just beautiful! I love the quilting design you used.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I finished a quilt top this weekend and now I must quilt it, because I can see it sitting in my sewing closet for years too. (It'll be my first quilted quilt)

    My husband makes me happy. Most times my kids too. :) But I feel complete when I create. Sometimes I forget to take care of that need and I get ornery. But when I create (either sewing, crafting, or writing--sewing being my fav) I become a much better person all around.

  7. I, like you, have started quilts and have yet to finish the rest. I guess this is the motivation I needed to finish them : )

    Glad to hear your family is doing as well as they can under the circumstances! I have friends on missions there and I recently found out they were well too- what a relief! Our prayers go out to the people of Japan.

  8. that's beautiful. We had to turn off the TV. I had a really hard time explaining it all to my kids, not to mention the rest of the headlines these days...i hope all is well with your family. Unimaginable...thanks for the giveaway!

  9. What a perfect quilt!! I am so amazed at all of your quilts.

    I get really happy when I giggle with my daughter and husband. I also get really excited when I can finally play a difficult piano passage correctly, make a new recipe that turns out amazing, and anything successful from my sewing machine (double points if it's something I made up and it actually works). I also get really excited when I save money on things we need anyway like groceries and toilet paper.

  10. This is so sweet Sachiko. I love it. I'm glad you had something to keep your hands busy. It was so much fun to see you on Saturday - I'm so glad we could meet up. I look forward to doing it again! Best wishes to your family.

  11. Hey Amy, it was so good to see you on Saturday too! I am so glad there were many people that came and it seemed like lots of quilts were made. Thank you for the well wishes for my family. We should see each other soon. :)

  12. thank you for writing this. i have a few quilt tops i need to tackle too. i pinned your image on pinterest of your quilt as a reminder to inspire me to finish my quilts. i've had a dozen people repin it because they like it so much. you are truly talented. i hope you are well.


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