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Guest post / How To Decorate Your Front Porch This Winter

Hi there everyone! You must be wondering where I have been... well I am still here and alive! After the procedure on Thursday I am in so much pain and couldn't do anything. Today I finally feel better enough to hit the keyboard to say hi. :)

I have a special guest post today by Jessica, she is from Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Company. Did you know that their trees have been featured on the Today Show, by Rachel Ray, in Parents Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? So exciting isn't it? Go on reading to get great decorating tips from a pro!

Winter can be an exciting season. We love the anticipation that swirls in the cool air, much like the snow that dances along sidewalks and streets. We want to make a good first impression every winter, and the front porch is the best place to make one! To help your home shout out "this is me!" the designers at Balsam Hill share their expertise to stir your creative juices and inspire you to create the fabulous front porch that is you this winter.


Just like your wardrobe, home fashion reflects a part your personality. Look in your closet; is it full of heavy fabrics or light, airy dresses? Let this influence the way in which you design your front porch this winter. Your choice of the furnishings and accessories, along with your color scheme, is crucial to successfully showcasing your taste and style. Check out the porch characteristics below with some tips from our experts, and spot which might fit you.

The Safe

Displaying potted plants is always a safe choice for adding color and attention to a porch. Place some camellias in shades of brilliant red and whitish pink and you've got a creative display that beautifully embellishes your home's entry.

Camellias have cold weather varieties, which will withstand the cold weather.

To simplify the rule, design your front porch with any combination of the common essentials, such as a traditional front door evergreen wreath with faux snowflakes, pine cones, and assorted berries, planters, and floral decor. As long as they are not excessive you won't go wrong, because they are all nature-inspired and depict the season.

The Strong

You can go bold, but it ought to be confined to a certain section of the porch and balanced by elements from The Safe section. The season is characterized by the classic maroons and wine-reds, deep blue, chocolate browns, and elegant black. Take away the dullness of your undressed entrance door by painting it a strong contrasting color like blue or reddish-purple, or by simply adding an attractive front door wreath accented with a big red bow.

You might also add winter-colored pillows and quilts on your sofa to put warmth into the area.

The Sagacious

Get a professionally designed and updated look by using unusual or perhaps personalized accessories. Online stores offer exceptional wreaths in unique arrangements in interesting shapes, color combinations, and textures, which are sometimes adorned with a collection of winter accents, berries, and foliage.

You may also craft a stunning winter garland to decorate your porch. Start by twisting together several grapevines and lock the ends with wire. Affix the heads of small artificial camellias or pinecones, and foliage, and coil it around the railings of your space.

Otherwise, you can create an alluring touch with the right choice of amazing lighting options, such as rope lights installed around the borders of your porch. These eye-catching multicolored lights are of low wattage and enclosed in translucent vinyl for safety. They create an element of coziness while showcasing your beautiful displays for the neighborhood to see!

The Functional

How do you use your front porch? Those who use it every day for leisure should focus on the way they use the space, which will influence how they incorporate decor. For instance, if you entertain guests and enjoy a nightcap on the porch, reserve space for extra sitting room. Magazines, home make-over TV shows, home decor stores, and the web are ideal sources of inspiration.

The basic design rule is to provide breathing space on your front porch. This allows you to accentuate the beauty of your design, and to make your entire home more welcoming. If you have limited space, you may focus your design plans on the floor, doorway, corners, and walls. Good taste is timeless, and using just a few elements from this guide can help you to create a beautiful and welcoming front porch. Here's to good first impressions!

Jessica Phan is a designer for Balsamhill.com a purveyor of high-end artificial Christmas Trees. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is perfect for her because she has a wide range of interests, including Art & Design, Fashion, Photography, Painting and Thrift Store Shopping.


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