Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Projects Top 10

I can't believe the year is ending. I feel like each year is going by faster and faster (don't tell me it's that I am getting old, I blame the busy schedule...).

I went through my posts from this year and picked my favorite top 10 projects to share with you. Which one was your favorite? Is there anything you want to see at Tea Rose Home in year 2012? Tell me what you think. :)

No. 10 Scrap book embellishment rings

This is such an easy project, but I love the uniqueness of these rings!

No.9 Anthoro Inspired Necklace

I used various buttons, beads and such to create this one of a kind necklace. statement necklace such as this is great to dress up a simple top.

No.8 Quilt for raising money for Japanese earthquake victims

After the terrible earthquake in Japan, I witnessed so many wonderful people come together to do something for the people in Japan. I created this quilt to donate for a fund raiser at a huge garage sale organized by Japanese people who live around here. They were able to raise about five thousand dollars in one day!

No.7 Same Quilts, Different Personalities Quilts

I finished these quilt tops for my boys YEARS ago, and this year I finally finished them! It is such a good feeling to complete things like these. The great part is that the boys love the quilts and they both use them every single day. :)

No.6 Five Kitchen Towels Dress

When I found those kitchen towels I had a flash of an idea in my head and I had to give it a try. It is such an easy project, light and absorbent fabric is perfect for the summer time.

No.5 Neapolitan Dress

I wanted to create a simple dress for a girl. With babushka and the belt, there are several ways to dress up this dress.

No.4 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt Food

I get asked all the time if I sell these on Etsy... I only made them for my little girl, and they are not for sale, but perhaps, I might come up with a tutorial in the future?

No.3 JCrew Inspired Dress

I love this dress, it turned out pretty close to what I planned. I was inspired by a dress by JCrew, but put my own spin on it.

No.2 She Carries Flowers

Near the end of summer, I was making a bunch of yo-yo's and fabric folded flowers for this project. I just had to get busy to give real shape to an idea I had in my head. I use the bag all the time, it is just the perfect size to carry it all, not to mention, all the flowers make me smile.

Can you guess what my most favorite project is? (drum roll.....)
No.1 is She Wears Flowers

Have you guessed it? Is this also your favorite? I must say, I just LOVE how this cardigan turned out. Every time I wear it, I don't mind the cold weather so much. It is simply a very cheerful feminine top.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting me this year, and continue to do so in the coming year. Because of all the procedures I'm going to have, the frequency of my tutorials might slow down. My wish is that I will be able to create things that are true to my style, yet learn something new and reflect that in whatever I make.

I hope you all to have a happy new year... Be happy everyone! :)


  1. Hi Sachiko
    Nice to see this recap,i was writing my top tutorials of 2011 post & it was such a cool feeling :) I hope you also enjoy reviewing your blog! Keep sharing awesome stuff in 2012 too •(•

  2. I like your style, your way of being .... I love how you share!
    Although I prefer the little cardigans, the flowers are very tender.
    Even to me, time flies away in a heartbeat ...... maybe because we do many things that we like??
    Send away the sad thoughts, Dive right in color ....... and hope for a better world.
    Best Wishes for the New Year and all the things that make you feel good!!
    A kiss, and excuse my translation, use google.
    Hello Cinzia.

  3. Merhaba

    Mutlu Yıllar dilerim.


  4. These are all so wonderful!
    I especialy love the hungry caterpilla felt food!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year for you and your family!

  5. I would also include your latest Pleated Pretty Shirt! My all time favorite!

  6. beautiful beautiful projects. thanks for collecting them to share with us in this summary post. xoxo

  7. Did you ever do a tutorial on how to make the rings???? I probably like them the best! Happy New Year!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your Top Ten. They are great ideas. Good luck with your upcoming procedures. I wish you a speedy recovery. Happy New Year!

  9. Dear Sachiko...tho I rarely post on any blog, please know that your is one of my few daily favorites. Your creativity is legend, my heart aches reading your health saga and, no matter how often you're able to post, every Tea Rose Home in my inbox is a welcome visitor. May your treatments be successful, your family be happy, healthy and safe, and your spirit continue to inspire. XO! - Lucy

  10. I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to comment on all your lovely projects you've made (simply gorgeous)! Your creations are so very inspiring, and I would love to try a couple of your tutorials. Have a happy New Year!!

  11. I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to comment on all your lovely projects you've made (simply gorgeous)! Your creations are so very inspiring, and I would love to try a couple of your tutorials. Have a happy New Year!!

  12. I love those rings! I found some of the ring forms the other day at Michaels; can't wait to make some for myself; thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Hi!! I follow you because I love your blog and it's very inspirating! I have a blog about DIY too. Here's the link if you want to see it. Kisses!!

  14. Tworzysz przepiękne rzeczy!
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko =}


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