Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I was off but, Here is What Happened...

Hi,I am back!

Before I begin my post to tell you what happened yesterday, let me say "I am so sorry!" for the confusing post yesterday. My Sweater refashion post is up today over at Me Sew Crazy, so if you haven't seen what I have done, and if you have time... Please go check it out. :)

I had a nice slow morning today. I know I need to cut back in sugar, but I couldn't help myself from the homemade sweet potato with whipping cream and some fruit for breakfast. Mmmm they put me in a really good mood.

So... some of you might be wondering, "she was supposed to have a procedure yesterday, what in the world she is doing blogging today". Yeah, that's what I am going to talk about. I was supposed to be at the hospital by 1:30, and I had my blood work done and ready. The procedure was supposed to start at 2:30, but we (Mr.TRH and I) kept waiting in the lobby... 3:30 rolls by...and shortly after that we were taken to the room to change and wait for the anesthesiologist. I thought Oh, finally!

Then... We kept waiting... Waiting...

Let me tell you, usually I have some kind of project in hand, because I hate to be bored. Yesterday wasn't an exception. While I was waiting, I finished binding a small quilt, did some crochet, and I ran out of things to do. Twiddling my fingers for few minute, I guess I fell asleep.

Then, I heard my doctor and nurses talking. I could tell that my doctor was clearly upset; they were trying to reach the anesthesiologist. Basically, the anesthesiologist was tied up in another procedure that was scheduled before mine and couldn't get out of it. Mr.TRH and I had a bad feeling and looked at each other, then, my doctor came in to tell us the bad news.

"Uh… guys, looks like we will have to reschedule, I am sorry."

I got poked once to have my blood drawn. I was buck naked underneath my unflattering hospital gown. Meditated to mentally be ready for the procedure all ready to go... but my response was, "Um...Ok." I knew it wasn't his fault, and it was getting close to 5:00. What else can you say?

It was a bit frustrating when I think about all the scheduling for kids, my in-law's that were taking care of my kids, all the friends and neighbors that offered to help out with meals, one of the first things I thought of was to call them to let them know what happened. Do you know what the second thing that popped into my mind? "They better not charge me for this!"

Seems like I had an awful day; but there were a few good things that came out of it.

I got to spend time with my Mr.TRH. We joked around with each other, laughed and talked a lot. Also, on the way to pick up the kids, he took me out for dinner. I have been fasting since the night before, I could eat a horse! The mini date was nice. :)

Also, while we were waiting in the lobby, this man with a "snack cart" came by. He was offering free drinks and snacks to people who were waiting. Mr.TRH got a small bag of chips. He offered me some too, but I said "Oh, I can't have any". Then, he told me that I could pick some for later. I was so excited, "Really? That's allowed?!" I picked V8, then an Oreo. As he was handing me them, he said "oh, you must be so hungry" and gave me three packs of Oreos. What a nice man! V8 and Oreos totally made my day, Mr. TRH should be so happy that I am easy to please. :)

Then, I ended up with a super duper strong hospital bag. When people are going to a procedure, they give you large plastic bag to put your belongings in. I LOVE this bag. It makes an awesome garbage bag. I use them when I do house cleaning/de-cluttering. I can drag it around the house, throw stuff in, and it will not break. So, I guess I am going to go through the house and clean and organize when I can until my next procedure.

That was my day. Thank you so much for the kind remarks and well wishes. I deeply appreciated them. I have a few projects to share soon, but in the meanwhile, take care of yourselves, everyone! :)


  1. Oh wow. Not fun. But I love how you plucked all the little silver linings from the whole experience :)

  2. You are so sweet... what a great attitude! And I love weird "freebies" from the hospital. I became addicted to those meshy underwear things they give you after having a baby :) So glad you had a good time on your mini date!

  3. That's so junk that you had to wait like that. Hope all goes well next time around. Aloha.

  4. Your sweater remake is beautiful, and such a creative idea.

  5. You are the sweetest, most humble person. I would have been filled with resentment and frustration had that happened to me (and self pity). But you listed all the things that you could still find to be grateful for instead. I admire you so much, Sachiko.

  6. What a day at the hospital - and I agree with Jamie, I sort of loved those little mesh panties as well. Lol

    I love that you took what could have been a horrible day, and turned it around and saw all of the positives. That is one of the things that make you so special Sachiko - thank you for sharing with us!

  7. Sorry to hear that your procedure was postponed. I would have been annoyed and starving and grouchy! You handled it with grace. And by the way, that breakfast looks amazing. I love what you do with the apple peel. Is that just for decoration?


  8. Oh Sachiko, I am so sorry! It is extra frustrating when you have to reschedule your kids and other people's lives too. Last year my husband went in for knee surgery. They did everything to get him ready including putting him under the anesthesia when the doctor discovered he didn't have the right tools to remove the old screw in his knee. They had to reschedule everything for the next week so they could get the tool. It was such a bummer and so frustrating. I'm so sorry!

    I love your sweater re-fashion. I think you are amazing! Sending lots of love.

  9. Ugh...Glad you could see the positive in it, though! Just checked out your sweater refashion. Really neat idea!

  10. Your sweater refashion is brilliant! If we start to see this shape on the runway ... This will definitely be flattering to my over-40 shape. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  11. Good for you! No time wasted and a great attitude!

    That same attitude is always reflected in your blog. It's a friendly, busy, creative, happy place!

  12. Cripes !
    Things happen
    and in your case
    things didn't happen

    It's just hard when every detail for re-scheduling for kid care, etc. has to be co-ordinated again.

    Both you and Hubby have such a Positive Outlook on life in general.


  13. Love that adorable bag, I have a similar one from a thrift store too. You've inspired me to play with it now. I would have said "glad to hear the anestheseologist is taking his time and doing a thorough and focused job. I wouldn't want to rush him." eek!, that is one occupation that shouldn't be rushed. You're sweet to take it so well despite the inconvenience.

  14. Oh most annoying! It's great you are looking at the positive side of things. Let me also so tell you that where I live no snacks for people waiting, nor bags to carry your belongings. I hope this can be somewhat of consolation

  15. just getting caught up!
    :) i could totally see your face when you said "um...okay" sorry for a yucky day, but yay for getting to hang out with the husband and getting a nice dinner! miss you tons. :)
    ps:LOVE your clutch. so pretty. :)

  16. Too bad that you were postponed... but at least you got to spend time with your hubby...
    Hmmmm, yes... it's fun to hurry up and wait hmmm? Good luck with the reschedule... guess you need to take more projects next time!
    Nothing like Oreo's to help make for a good day! And dinner with hubby what's not to like?

  17. Everything has its own time and I guess you've found what it means :-)


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