Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spider Silk Scarf

Not really. I crocheted this scarf out of regular yarn, but let me tell you why I named this scarf "Spider Silk Scarf".

When I was a little girl, I had a favorite children's book called "Obake-chan to muwa muwa mu"(Japanese title). I read it so many times; the cover became worn and torn. It was about this family of friendly ghosts and the adventure of the child ghost. The funny thing is that I don't remember the detail of the book at all, even though it was my favorite book.

I just remember the happy feeling I got when I read it, and also this one particular page... mother ghost who knits stuff with spider silk. Isn't it funny how a child shows interest in certain things early on?

I went through 4 procedures (and the recovery to go with them takes way too long for my liking!) since October so far, and during those times I couldn't really start a new projects. I have been dying to start designing, drafting and sewing some clothes, but I consider those kind of big projects since they involve lots of standing. But you didn't think I am all defeated and weepy did you? Nope.

I saw yarn in my closet and it reminded me of the "spider silk" the mother ghost was using for her knitting in the book. I decided to crochet in bed. :)
It is just a simple Half Double Crochet Stitch, since I don't know much other than the basics. While I was crocheting I kept thinking about that book and that made me happy.


  1. I love that story and your scarf!!

  2. The scarf is beautiful. I love the muted colors. I hope you are up to your usual creating soon. I was knocked on my bottom by a kidney stone this week! I've done LOTS of pinning ideas on Pinterest while laying around.

  3. I recently learned to crochet and it's amazing how just knowing the most basic of stitches can make such pretty end results. I think this scarf is adorable, and this children's book sounds equally so. I've been following you for a while (from a feed reader) and I love seeing updates from you, particularly after all the difficult procedures you've been through. You're such a brave and creative person!

    Do you remember the name of the yarn you used, or at least the type it is? I'm still too new to tell anything but worsted weight and lace apart, and I love the look of this yarn!

  4. Beautiful. I love to crochet. It is quite relaxing to me...even so I am fascinated with the magic of making wonderful things out of something so simple as yarn.

  5. what a wonderful story - and Your girl's scarf, also!
    get better soon!

  6. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! I know the frustration of being more or less bedridden because of pain and illness. Your scarf is beautiful, it looks so soft and cozy. I just posted on my blog a bag I made based on your 'she carries flowers' bag, and I would be thrilled to hear what you think! I hope to hear of your continued return to health, and look forward to many more of your fabulous projects!

  7. What a coincidence! I was sick this weekend, so I decided to crochet too. I chose a vintage mohair blend and used what I'm calling a modified advanced double crochet. I'm calling it that because half way through I decided that I wasn't sure what I was doing as I turned each time. So I watched several double crochet videos and found out I had no idea what I was doing on the main part either. I was supposed to wrap the thread around the hook before I went into the next loop?! Wait, I was supposed to go under the whole loop and not just through the back?! OOOOPS! At the halfway mark there's nothing left to do but finish. Looks fine (of course the mohair makes it difficult to see the stitches: )

  8. And I can see you sitting smiling while hooking hdc's.
    love 'n hugs


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