Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shopping with a Little Different Perspective

I have been eyeing some little girl’s striped knit dresses for the summer. Some that I saw were 40 to 50 dollars! Well, you know me; I wasn't gonna pay that much for a kid’s dress; something she might only wear for one season.

Then, one day I was at Ross (boy, I love Ross and TJ Maxx! I can find pretty darn cute stuff for killer deals) checking out the teen dress section. Look what I found...

Aren't they cute? I especially love the orange one; I think the color combinations are super. I guess they are a dress or a tunic top, either way, I loved the colors.

The light bulb moment came to me (grin)...they are too tight or too short for my liking, if my daughter is in her teens, BUT they are perfect for her 6 years old frame. AND, they were $5.99 each!

We had a small summer fashion show that afternoon, and of course, a photo shoot...

She LOVEs it!

I simply adjusted the shoulder straps, and the dresses were perfect for her. With a little bit of imagination and perspective adjustment I scored big time. :)


  1. And modest too! She looks lovely!
    Good for you... I was just at Ross today... had to find one of those vacuum storage bags to ship a package in.... or at least to manage to get it into a box to ship... yep found one for $2.99 instead of the $9.99 that Kmart wanted! Not bad as far as I'm concerned... and I didn't have to drive very far either! Yeahhhh team!

  2. She's just too cute in these dresses.

  3. Just lovely! Forget about modest:)) We love it a lot! Congrats! And keep on! Sandra.

  4. She is adorable! I know what you mean about the clothes not being appropriate for teens. My daughter is modest and has had difficulty finding clothing that fits but does not reveal. This is a really nice compromise!

  5. I love the dresses...and I especially love the quite your daughter is lounging on..just lovely! And matches her dresses perfectly! :-)

    Great find!

  6. Oh that is a super idea. How smart! And she looks cute in them.

  7. Merhaba,

    Ellerine sağlık. Çok güzel olmuşlar.


  8. I love re purposing items like that--cute too!

  9. That is so clever!!! I've been reading your past past posts and PJ!!!!!! You are amazing! I mean I always knew that, but holy cow!!! I love the one of the boys shirt from target and you turned it into a dress for Rachel baby!! Way to go PJ!!!!!!!!!

  10. Way to think outside the box! I've done some of that too - can't believe how some of the teen stuff is so tight and short. Love that dress on your six year old :)

  11. You could cut down the top of the dress and make a darling skirt for an adult too!!

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