Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tutorial / Bonnet to Headband

My sister-in-law bought a beautiful blessing dress for her baby girl and, this bonnet came with it. She wasn't too crazy about the bonnet, and she wondered if I could come up with something different using that material. Let me see what I can do...

I cut it up to see what I was dealing with and what I could do with it... Here are the possible pieces.

After thinking it over a while I knew exactly what to do. :)

1. Cut out 3" circles.

2. Use a candle to melt the edge of the circles. The secret is to run the fabric through the fire quickly, otherwise the fabric will melt too much.

3. Fold the circle twice (so, it would look like 1/4" of the circle after folding), and sew it on to the 1" felt. Repeat the process. I used solid white and sheer white fabrics, and just alternated them. If you want a fuller look of flower, you simply add more, but if you do so, the flower might look like a ball and stand out from baby's head when she wears it. It is all about what you prefer. :)

4. Sew beads in the middle of the flower.

and the back...

5. To make the headband, I simply measure the head of the baby with the lace, substracted 3"off the lace. Treat both ends with fray check, than sewed 2" or so long stretchy lace on both sides of the lace.

6. Decide where you want the flower to go, then, sew the flower onto the headband.

7. Done!

When she tried the headband (it was more like I made her try the headband), she surely looked cute! She is totally ready for her first big day. :)


  1. It's perfectly adorable! I am sure that looks so sweet on her!

  2. What a great idea. That is just darling- xo Diana

  3. The headband is lovely. Someday it could be repurposed as a wedding garter!

  4. Beautiful! I love taking stuff and remaking it to suit my taste or making it what someone else wants it to be :)

  5. I love this headband and believe it or not I have the same lacy embroidery for a headband:) I would love for you and your friends to join me on my blog I just started at


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