Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life ~ Food & Friends~

I don't know what it is, but I am going through a major "sushi" craze. 

Last weekend, we got together with some frineds, and I was assigned to make something Japanese.
I decided to make some sushi, but real sushi quality tuna has been pretty expensive nowa days.
So I made sushi without raw fish...

From the top:

{Spam Musubi} / You might be thinking "what?! Spam for sushi? What is that stuff made out of anyways?" but, trust me they are actually pretty good. My kids LOVE this. All you need to do is slice the spam, grill both sides on a frying pan until they are a little crispy, put them on top of the moulded rice and wrap them with Nori (seaweed) strips.  That's it!

{Inari-sushi}/ Basically, the tan looking thing you are looking at is a fryed tofu pouch.  It has a sweet flavor; kind of like teriyaki, but different.  Typically it is stuffed with sushi rice, but my mom always added minced cucumber and sesami and that's what I do to.

{Maki-sushi}/ Usually I use real tuna for this, but this time I rolled imitation crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and eggs.  I also made the ones with imitation crab mixed with salt and pepper, and Japanese mayo.

There were French, Mexican (they were very yummy by the way), and Japanese food at the table that night.  Also the company of the friends, love, and laughter.

Oh, that is life.  

How can I ask for more? :)


  1. We LOVE SPAM MUSUBI in Hawaii. It's a local favorite. We like to fry it with a little shoyu and then sprinkle some furikake in the musubi. You can buy it anywhere...the grocery store, the gas station stores, restaurants...Anytime a kid goes on a field trip here they either have SPAM musubi or a bento lunch. So yummy!

  2. Never liked raw fish sushi but love the vegetarian ones my daughter makes. Yours look really professional. xx

  3. Spam sushi! Makes me think of Hawaii, which is the only place I've ever heard of it actually being on menus!

  4. Oh...that looks so yummy! My Japanese friend makes these kinds of things for me....love them! And she uses Spam A LOT! :-)

  5. Spam sushi... lol.. I am going to have to try and make these! I love sushi.. but I like the ones with the imitation crab meat... no real fish for me... so this I might like! Thank you so much!

  6. What a fun treat you made for everyone. MyHero actually LIKES Spam..lol You did a good job and it LOOKS pretty, too! xo Diana

  7. Spam sushi also reminds me of Hawaii. Such good memories.

  8. oh yum! the picture of the inari-sushi is making my mouth water:) Inari sushi has been a special treat in my family ever since we had a Japanese exchange student stay with us when I was 4. Now I really want to make some inari sushi!

  9. These look so pretty. Everyone loves inarizushi around here. One daughter loves cucumber sushi, the other one loves the various fish ones, but we have a hard time with spam. I've tried to convince them to give it a try, but my daughters look at me warily and only pick their favorites. sigh.

  10. thanks for reminding me of our Hawaii trip.. now I have to make some spam-musubi tomorrow..

  11. The inari sushi looks really good. I've only tried inari once, at a local Japanese restaurant, and really liked it. I'd love to figure out how to make it!


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