Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Quilting Book

I was so hoping to buy this book by Sarah Fielke (She is a true artist! Wouldn't you agree?) who is a co-auther of Material Obsession... I didn't realize the day would come so quickly.

Oh, THANK YOU  Joann Fabrics for stocking this book for me and allow me to use my precious 40% off coupon!  I was so excited and could hardly wait to go home and start going through the pages.

Of  course who I am kidding, after picking up the kiddos, checking their homework, cooking dinner, scouts, a meeting for a church calling, bed time routine, going through some emails now it is almost midnight.

So, my friends before I hit the pillow, I am going to have some reading time.  Do you think I will have colorful and cheerful dreams?  :)


  1. Go for it,sounds like you deserve a bit of quiet time. xx

  2. OH how I love quilting books that rival for space in my studio along with the Jewelry making books, I own , I personally think every artist needs a good size reference library just in case we need some info just in case. lol works for me that's my logic and I am sticking to it.


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