Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tutorial/ Crate & Barrel Inspired Painted Pillow

I received a new catalog from Crate & Barrel in the mail, there were so many eye candies in there, but I especially LOVED this pillow...

I decided to make my version of  Crate & Barrel’s inspired pillow using what I had.  I will show you how I did it.

{You will need}

1------16" x 16" Pillow form
2------18"x 18" Fabrics (I trimmed them down after I painted them.  I used linen instead of canvas)
1------14"x 14" zipper
Fabric Paint 1 - 2 bottles
Fabric Medium
Freezer Paper
Craft Punches

{How to}

* Fabric Paint

1. Lay one 18"x 18" fabric on a flat surface and Find the center.  I just used my 10 1/2" dinner plate to draw a circle.  Make sure to draw really lightly, because some of the areas I drew on were too dark, and after I painted once it still showed through.

2. I used three different types of flower punches.  Cut lots of flower pieces out of freezer paper.

3. Place them in the circle you drew.  Press them with a hot iron without steam. 

4. Paint the fabric. I used Martha Stewart multi-purpose paint mixed with fabric medium. Paint the other fabric too.   Let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. After they are completely dry, iron to set the color.

* Assemble the Pillow

1. Lay both fabrics together right sides together on the cutting mat.  Trim off the excess from all sides to make it to 17" x 17" squares.  Then treat one side of the edge from both fabrics to prevent fraying.

2. Lay the zipper on one side of the fabric, and mark about 2 1/2" in from both sides.  Then sew both ends, do not forget to do backstitch so they don't fall apart later.

3. Then switch your stitch length to your largest setting and sew the part in between the 2 1/2" sewed part (can you see the big stitches and small stitches?)

4. Open the seam, and press with the iron.  Lay the zipper front side down.  Pin it to the seam.

5. Switch the stitch length back to normal, and also swap to the zipper foot and sew the zipper on.


Unpick the basting stitches, so you can use the zipper...

6. Open the zipper, and put the fabrics right sides together again.  Pin them well.

7. Sew the three sides using 1/2" seam.

8. You can choose your preferred method to finish the edges, but I thought that the fabric was pretty stiff from paint, I decided to try pinking scissors.  Cut off the corners for a prettier finish.

9. Turn the pillow case inside out, press the edges with the iron.

Time to enjoy!!

I love love how it turned out, the fabric is a little bit stiffer with paint than I thought it would be, but that's OK. This is meant to be a "decorative" pillow. :) I enjoyed the process so much so that I am thinking about making more.


  1. ho !!!!! que voila un joli travail
    merci pour le partage
    j'aime la fermeture . c'est astucieux

  2. How good is that? thank you for the tutorial a must try. xx

  3. Oh I love it! I want to give this one a try!

  4. That turned out quite cute:) I like that tecnique!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the stencilled look and what a brilliant easy to follow tute... Will have to give it a try!

  6. Lovely and a bit different! Thanks for sharing :) Maggie xx

  7. This is a fabulous use of punches and freezer paper. I love it.

  8. I love this tutorial because of the zipper instructions. I have a hard time with zippers and your images were great for me. I also love the stencils. Gorgeous!!


  9. So pretty. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to give this a try

  10. Awesome designed ware pillow from Crate & Barrel coupon codes.I really love it & it's a great idea.Thanks for sharing...!

  11. This is gorgeous! I love your ruffled pillow in the background, too. Beautiful work!

  12. What a lovely pillow this is!! So much better than the one from Crate & Barrel's ;)

    Thank you for sharing, Sachiko! I enjoy your blog very much :)

    Love, Amy


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