Monday, July 30, 2012

Love & Hate of Painting Funiture

Last Friday I started painting a couple of chairs that I bought a long time ago.

You see, when I go to thrift stores I keep finding furniture pieces that scream to me, "buy me, and fix me up!" Although, there is absolutely NO room for any more furniture in my house and I have way too many sewing or jewelry projects that I want to do anyways. I can't bring them home.

I have been having an urge to paint some furniture lately. I decided to work on the ones that I have in my house. In the middle of prepping the chairs by sanding them I was already regretting even starting the project. I forgot how much I don't like the prepping part. I really enjoy the actual painting part and the end results. In fact, I am near complete with the chairs. I will share the picture of them soon!

Although my body was achy all over and I was so tired after painting the chairs, I keep thinking about painting the dining tables and the other 6 chairs (6! Ugh, I don't even want to think about sanding them all). Once I start it I have to finish it. My family might not have a table and chairs for a week or so though...

Do you like painting furniture? Are there special tricks and short cuts that you do to prep the furniture? If you do have something up your sleeves, please do share! I am very much interested. :)


  1. Have you looked at Chalk Paint by Annie Sloane? It is a very interesting paint/technique!

  2. Oh no, I clicked over to see what tips people had left. I have a table and four chairs to paint, plus a book case, a chest of drawers, a coffee table which has 3 little tables under it and a TV cabinet! I hate, hate, hate sanding so was hoping to find some great tips. :0(

  3. I do love painting furniture - but like you I hate the prep. My garden furniture is in dire need of a revamp, just need a bit of time to get it done!

  4. I very much dislike the painting part, but love the prep.
    My daughter and I just repainted a sleigh bed in purple and black for her room.
    I did all the sanding and taping, she did the painting.

  5. This stuff is supposed to eliminate the need for sanding!

  6. It's a love hate relationship for me too. It there are a lot of curves or details, i hate it. If I am only prepping flat surfaces with no nooks or crannies, I'm good to go!

  7. using a paint remover (refinishing product) is stinkier but supposed to work better and be faster than sanding. Sanding is frowned on by pro refinishers. They sell them at home depot, lowes, and even wal-mart. good luck :)

  8. Annie Sloan chalk paint!!! NO prep work required and the stuff is awesome! I just posted about my first time using it - I'm in love.
    another great way to a paint chairs is to spray paint!

  9. Annie sloan chalk paint... no need to sand.. dries in moments




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