Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...

I shared a couple pictures of part of my living room recently, they were a painted wall with group of pictures,

and pictures of my white collection around the TV area...

I was going back and forth about how I wanted to decorate above the mantel. There are many fun ways to do it, but I just love having a mirror above the fire place, so I decided to go with that. Also, a couple of my living room walls are covered with groups of small things, I wanted this wall to be more simple with one BIG mirror.

I have been looking around for large mirrors, and gosh... they are so expensive! One night while doing an online search, I found a perfect one at Wayfair but it was a pretty hefty price: $460!! Even though it was past 12 and I was tired, I didn't click the "add to cart" button. I knew in my heart that I could find something much cheaper.

And. I. did.

One day I was at Tai Pan Trading and strolling around with the kids, when I found the mirror. From afar, I thought, "Wow, that is the perfect size..." then I got closer. I saw a small chip on the frame, as I was rubbing the mirror I was thinking, "Well, this is nothing, I can fix it in no time...". Then, I found the 50% off tag... 50% from $199!! I had to grab it. Well, with my weak muscles I couldn't carry the mirror to the check out. I had to grab a kind store clerk to help me out. On the way home, one of my children had to sit close to the door and kind of lopsided, sorry buddy...

Ok, it is not the same as the one I saw online, but it was the size I wanted, has some nice trim work around it, and you can't beat that price. After applying wood patty, and a few coats of paint, it was ready to hang.

The mirror was so heavy, and our mantel is kind of high, there were a few times Mr. TRH and I thought the mirror was going to kill us if not send us to a chiropractor. It is happyily sitting above the mantel.

Just as I wanted. :)


  1. What a great job you have made of the mirror! It just looks great and what a bargain.

  2. Great find and patience paid off! Those little steps of decorating the rooms one by one are precious!

  3. the mirror looks great, and I LOVE that garland! so happy and festive! I love when I can get a great deal on stuff, even if I have to do a bit to it to get the look I want.

  4. That is great! Love it when you can find something cheaper and turn it into the expensive one you wnated!

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  6. Wonderful!
    Patience is so rewarding....
    A good deal on a lovely find is hard to beat.

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