Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Taste of the Good Life

I was originally going to share a part of my house I have finished decorating, but when I was going through the pictures, some of them were so blurry... so, I decided to share something I forgot to share several weeks ago. (I have a few things up my sleeves, you know.)

Meet one of my favorite prints by niftyswank.

When our family did a small getaway in August, we happened to book a hotel when Craft Lake City was going on. We had such a good time, walking around, trying out some food... and I did some shopping. The print was pretty much love at first sight for me, and I knew I wanted to hang it in my new kitchen. Because I am indecisive, it is still sitting on the chair, but hey, at least the colors go well together. :)

When I retake the pictures, I will share a part of my living room. Hold on tight!


  1. Nice. What shade and brand of paint did you use on this chair ? It is so pretty and fresh.

  2. The paint was Annie Sloan chalk paint. The color... I think it was provence. I painted the chair a while ago, I am 100% sure.


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