Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Kings Lane Home Decor Resource Page Review

I have been asked to review the "Home Décor Resource" page by One Kings Lane. One Kings Lane is one of my most favorite places to visit online. I love to check out their stylish furniture, home décor and much more (they are pretty pricey for my wallet, so my visits consist of lots of Ohhs... and Ahhs... with some drooling too).

There Home Décor Resource page is full of interesting contents; anything from historical informative articles to helpful tips all about furniture. I found many interesting articles. Let me name a few that I like: "DIY Stain-Proof All Your Chairs", "What Type of Chair" and "How to Incorporate Statement Furniture Into Any Room"

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I love finding furniture at garage sales and thrift stores and then refinish them. Here are a couple chairs that I refinished in the past...

This was a chair that I found at a garage sale for two dollars! (you can read the whole article here

With many hours(and hours!) of elbow grease I transformed this trash to this;

I did this one last year. It was a Ethan Allen chair that I found at a thrift shop. You can see the before picture and read the whole article here.

It is SO exciting to find furniture with great "bone" at an amazing price. Also, I really enjoy the process of creating something unique and personal and knowing that it is only one of a kind in the whole wide world. I call them my statement chairs. Then the question arises... Now what? Where should I place them? With what kind of items? When I read the article "How to Incorporate Statement Furniture Into Any Room" it was like hitting the nail on the head.

Whatever you might be interested in about furniture, I bet you will find some pretty interesting articles at the "Home Décor Resource" page!


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