Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Review ~ Makery

I was so excited to receive a copy of "Makery" by Kate Smith and published by Octopus publishing for review! Kate Smith is the founder of The Makery in Bath, England, which runs a highly successful craft workshops and classes and sells fabric, trimmings and other materials. Kate's belief is that the ingredients you use in crafting are key to the end result - choose your ingredients well, follow her clear instructions and you will have stunning finished products.

Makery contains more than 30 eye catching contemporary and unique projects. They are divided into three sections: Fashion, Gifts and Home. You will find something you will love to make right away in each category. There are several things on my "To-make" list from the book, this deer head is one of them. I think it will be so darling in Rachel's room.

Well put together sewing/craft books make me happy, Makery has eye candy throughout the book... perfect for a quiet afternoon read on a cozy couch.

Oh! I need to share the back cover as well before I say "see you at the next post". Isn't it just so charming??

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