Saturday, June 14, 2014


I have been working on a quilt with the new fabric line from Riley Blake the last few days. I can't share the quilt until the end of this month, but I am excited about how it is coming together.

In the meantime... I have also been cutting up some hexagons. I want to do an all floral hexagon quilt. Many years ago, I made a grandma's flower garden quilt ALL pieced by hand and quilted by hand... it took me about 2 years. In the end I got tired of it and didn't want to do that ever again. Then, all of a sudden, I had this urge to make a hexagon quilt. Though, this will be a back burner project for me. I have cut all the flower fabric that are the right color for this quilt, now I am on a look out for more. In my head I have an image of this really pretty hexagon quilt laying around in my living room.

Today and tomorrow, my time will be spent more with my family. More cooking than quilting, father's day and all, you know. :)

Do you have any idea where I can find pretty floral fabrics?


  1. Lovely hexies! What size are they? I am still working on my hexie quilt and just try to do 3 each day (mine are 1 3/4" flat side <1"> to flat side so they are easy to make.)
    Everything you create is divine and am excited to see your latest the end of this month.

  2. I just love your hexies. Do you know of a good tutorial I could look at? I would love to make them but don't really know how. Thanks

  3. Donna's Lavendar Nest is where I buy darling, sweet florals. She has a great selection. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.


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