Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun (and a Bit Scary) Announcement!

A couple weeks ago, I picked up these cuties at one of my favorite shops in Provo. Harmony carries yarn, fabrics (their selection is not very big, but I love almost all of them!), children's items and pretty gift items. I love going there and always find some fun stuff to go home with.
I fell in love with the earrings with the "S"s. I usually don't wear black and gold, but because of these earrings I am going to! The green vintage buttons are for my jewelry making, I am going to turn them into a fun summer necklace. I will share some pictures when I am done.

By the way... you might be wondering what the "fun and a bit scary announcement" is all about.

I am teaching a couple classes at Harmony this month! I love designing, sewing/crafting and sharing them on my blog. But teaching? Hmmm... this is actually me stepping out of my comfort zone by a lot. I have taught small classes at a couple church activities, or with a few friends, but never at a store and charging class fees. It is a bit scary, but the people at Harmony are being so sweet and supportive, and they gave me the opportunity to teach. I decided to try something new.

The first class I am teaching is how to make this pom-pom scarf.

The other class is this origami style bag.

It is my original design, and the PDF pattern will be available soon on my etsy shop! I drafted the pattern and ended up making three prototypes with slight variances. I LOVE how it turned out. I already made a few, two for my sisters, two for my nieces, and of course one for me! :)

I used Anna Maria Horner's Twill Bouquet for mine. This bag has pockets on the outside too.

If you are local and interested in taking the classes, you can go to Harmony's website and register.
EEE!!! I am excited but a bit scared at the same time, teaching the classes will be one of my BIG adventures for this summer. What's yours? :)


  1. Congratulations!!!
    I'm sure you are a good teacher and just.. it's the moment to do it.
    Kisses, Mª José

  2. Congratulations! The origami style bags look just gorgeous!
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