Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brother Embroidery Machine ~ Persona PR100

Have you heard about the new Persona embroidery machine from Brother that made a big splash with designers and the Project Runway crew at New York Fashion Week?

The persona PR100 is a single needle machine that can handle intricate design tasks as easy as multi-needle …. but without all the fabric tangles. The Persona’s free swinging tubular arm lets home sewers professionally embroider hard to get places like sleeves and pockets. They can even embroider odd shaped objects, like baseball caps.

Brother Senior VP, Dean F. Shulman said, “Today’s home sewers want the ability to source their own fabric, alter their fit and embellish their garments to match their unique styles. The Persona PRS100 makes this type of personalization easy.”

I totally agree with his statement, because I was thinking about creating fabric with lots of embroidery with different colors of threads to make myself a skirt. I feel like what he is saying is right on to many of us who like to sew and are always looking for ways to be creative and come up with something new.

The model comes with over 400 built-in designs and is compatible with Disney/Pixar designs found on the iBroidery site where home sewers can purchase and download thousands of additional designs.

My imagination wondered, "What can I do with 400 built in stitches?" Right now I won't be able to afford such a dream machine, but a girl can dream right?
So, what could you do with an embroidery machine like the Persona PR100 ?

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