Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Built-In Bookcase Done!

I was looking for a "before" picture and realized that we started this project back in March. We were trying to do this frugally, waited for a sale and all... it took a long time to finish. Now it is finally done!! I wanted a built-in bookcase in our office space, but to hire someone is way more than I wanted to spend. I understand the hard labor and time that goes in, it is still expensive! I checked other options as well such as buying a bookcase but they were all too short. I wanted something that will actually go to the ceiling. Then, I found this bookcase on Pinterest and it inspired me. I though, "We can do this!"

We bought some kitchen cabinets for the base part of the bookcase in March...

We finally finished it!!

I choose four different knobs for the cabinet. I love them all and couldn't decide on one. Then I thought "Why should I, I can use one of each!" I love the unique look they give to the bookcase.

How Mr. TRH and I work is that I have an idea (well... more like a gazillion ideas in my head and pull them out little by little so it is not so overwhelming for him) and ask him to build it. He does most of the building, and I do the detail work such as hiding nails, painting, and caulking. Then, I get to stage and decorate! I think that is the most fun and rewarding part of it all. When we are working as a team like this, I get a little delusional and feel like we are Chip and Joanna from "Fixer Upper" on HGTV. I know, I know we are far from it and I feel like I am gonna receive hate mail from their fans, but a girl can dream sometimes, right??

Well, I had fun decorating, BUT! I must say that the computer books are not easy to decorate with! We have a lot more books, but they are all hidden in the covers. Since the office is Mr. TRH's room, well, mostly...(since I have my sewing room) I wanted to respect that and tried really hard not to make it too feminine. So, here is what I have done so far.

I keep switching stuff around, so when you come to visit us next week, it might look entirely different. I am so happy that we finally finished this project.

So, honey, are you ready for next project??(grin)


  1. well done! love the handles!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Great job! I've been wanting to put built-ins in our oddly spaced livingroom for years, now. Love your inspiration photo, and the fact that you actually got yours done! ;)

  3. Great idea, now I am inspired to do DIY bookshelf for our hallway!

  4. That is gorgeous! I really love the @ sign and the hello. Very cute. I also love that you have so much white on white, how pretty! Hey, I know it's been a long time, but I was wondering if you were able to get your van situation figured out. I hope it all worked out well!

    1. Since it is our office and there are three computers, I thought having an @ sign was appropriate. :) Yes, about the our van situation... I should do a post, thank you for reminding me!


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