Monday, October 12, 2020

Olive + Navy Top with Flare Skirt

I never use broadcloth to sew clothes because I don't think the fabric drapes nicely and could make the clothing look cheap. Then, when I saw the combination of this olive and navy fabric, I immediately had an image of a finished top in my head and I couldn't resist. I broke my own rule. I used a pattern from a Japanese sewing book created by Yukari Nakano. The book contains 28 pieces of simple, sophisticated and well designed clothing; I pretty much want to make all of them. Also, what is nice about her book is that unlike many Japanese sewing books, the seam allowance is already included in the pattern! It cuts down on the process and time which is a huge plus. For the skirt, I used my favorite flare skirt pattern I drafted years ago. 

Overall, I love how it turned out. I feel like the front of the blouse is a little bland compared to the back, but I guess that contrast is a good thing. One thing I regret is that I wish I finished the skirt with a zipper, not with elastic. Most of the skirts I make; especially now are with elastic... I am staying home most of the time, I want to stay comfortable. Though, in this case it would look much nicer with a regular waistband without getting bulky when I tuck the blouse in. Well, we live and learn, right?

It's too cold to wear this by itself now, but I am looking forward to next Spring and Summer.


  1. wowwww. Yes, the front of the blouse is a little boring but a cute necklace or a sweet scarf would be nice. I like the back too.
    This Autumn arrived so fast this year.
    Enjoy the cooler days.
    I feel like making a fun jacket... but maybe it is just fleeting.
    I am still finishing quilts. so many to make these days, and so many I want to try
    Happy Monday

  2. Wonderful! Like you, I don't use broadcloth for the same reasons, but it is so TEMPTING! I am tempted because it is SO affordable and comes in so very many beautiful colours! I love the colour combination of your outfit. At my age - 51 - I prefer to put elastic in the waistband of EVERYTHING! Comfort is what it's about for me now. I won't accept anything less. I suffered for the sake of fashion for years and years and I've had enough. LOL I'm a bit funny about blouses. I prefer to see them UN-tucked! I would love to see your outfit with the shirt un-tucked. And a lovely long light scarf would be JUST the thing! I use scarves to accessorize quite often. They're such FUN to make, too! ENDLESS possibilities!!! I adore your site, my love. You are absolutely sweet and talented.


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