Sunday, February 22, 2009


It has been a long time since I brought you home. But it is time to say good-bye. You have been there for us whenever we needed you. Even one of my children was so attached to you. Everyone needs to move on, it will be a little bit wierd to see your usual spot empty. In my heart, I know you will be more useful and appreciated somewhere else. Since my last one doesn't need you anymore, I have to say good-bye to you, "Good-bye, Good-bye, Mr. Potty"

I will enjoy the extra space in the kids small bathroom.


  1. i love getting rid of all the baby stuff we don't use anymore. we need to get rid of our potty too.

  2. LOL, isn't that great?! The little potty is one of the few things that I will not miss!

  3. I got rid of all our baby stuff, then Sadie came! I still have the potty because my stubborn almost 3 year old refuses to use it! I'm jealous.

  4. And to think I will be starting it all over again with Parker. :( I will definitely be excited when that time comes in our lives. Enjoy the extra space!

  5. Ok, the potty seat! We have the M to go and then ours is out of here!! It was pretty strange to get rid of the baby stuff! Great stuff that we really used, but it's good to say goodbye!!!
    I hope you have a super fun weekend! I wish I could be there!!! Eat something fabulous for me! And talk for hours and hours!


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