Thursday, February 5, 2009

If you give Sachiko a piece of Jewelry

This is the only Jewelry I have from Lia Sophia. Depending on where the light hits it, it looks green or sometimes it looks blue. I love it so much that I wanted something similar but in a different color...

So I made a pink one! I wasn't sure what color I should combine, so I did salmon pink pearl and lavender Swarovski. And that reminded me that...

I've wanted a pink bracelet for a while. I don't know if it is that I'm getting older or if having a girl made me want to have pink things, but lately I've been drawn to pink stuff! In my bead case, next to the pink beads were some...

Burgondy beads. I wanted to experiment with them and make something in a darker color. I came up with these. I tried them on and was very happy! Those bracelets reminded me of...

A bracelet in Cath Kidson's catalogue, but it was too expensive for my tastes. I wanted to imitate the look and came up with this. The color of the pearl reminded me that I'd lost one of my favorite pearl earrings...

So I made one. I love the color white. I wanted a matching necklace to go with it. So I...

made a long necklace with pearl and glass beads and some beige-ish color so that it would go with several of my outfits. Neutral color jewelry is nice because it is versatile, but sometimes I want something a little more fun and different. Something different reminds me of the Lia Sophia earrings that I have. I think I'll wear those today!


  1. you are so stinkin talented! :) there's a reason why i think of you as one of my mentors! :) i want some of your jewlery especially the white one! are you thinking of selling any?

  2. I love this post! It's so interesting how you get going with one idea that sparks another idea, before you know it there's oodles. The jewelry you made has beautiful beadwork.

    By the way, I have to apologize for missing your comment on my blog about going for Thai food. We'll definitely have to plan it soon.

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  4. So is there anything you CAN'T do?

  5. You are sooo talented! I am very impressed!

  6. I loved this post - you are so clever and talented! Feel like I haven't talked to you in forever! Hope all is well.

  7. You're killing me! Love the jewelry. Make some to sell okay? I'm just starting to like jewelry myself. The post reminds me of that book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. You are the mouse.

  8. Stop already! It's not fair how talented you amaze me. The jewelry is beautiful! We still need to go eat kimche together...

  9. I loved this post. I love all the jewelry you make too. I love both sewing and jewelry making as well, but your jewelry is way fancy. I'll have to make some like yours sometimes, I love it!


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