Monday, February 9, 2009

Michaelisms times three

Michaelism [mahy-kuhl-iz-uhm]-noun. A saying or idea from Michael that totally catches everyone off guard.

I have several Michaelisms, in fact it is hard to go through a day without at least one or two.

Human Right's Day

Sunday the 11th of January, we were driving up to Grandma's and Grandpa's house for a dinner, when Christopher, out of the blue stated that there was no school on the 19th.
Michael asked, "Why?"
Christopher responed, "I don't know".
Then Aaron chimed in, "It's human rights day or civil right's day."
Michael innocently asked, "What's human right's day?"
Aaron responded, "It's the day we celebrate all things right. We can only go right, turn right, or talk to the people on our right."
There was silence as the gears inside Michael's head started turning. I call it the ticking moment. He's thinking.
On our way home several hours later, Michael suddenly spoke up and said, "I don't like human rights day!"
Aaron, chuckled and said, "But, Michael, you get the day off from school."
Michael responed, "I don't like it."
Then Aaron asked, "Why?"
We were totally unprepared for the response. "Sometimes I want to go left or straight."

Question Asked

Aaron and I were in different rooms. I heard a commotion; the boys were fighting. And we heard, "Christopher you loser!" That is totally unacceptable in our house. We called the boys to us and gave them a chance to tell us what was going on.
Christopher said, "Michael called me a loser."
Aaron then asked, "Michael, did you call Christopher a loser?"
Michael thought for a moment and then finally responded, "Well... Daddy, that is a hard question."
It was so hard for us to keep a straight face.

Fatherly Advice

This again, happened while we were driving. Christopher tattled on Michael, "Dad, Michael is picking his nose!" (Oh come on, all kids his age do that!)
So Aaron said, "Michael! You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose!"
Michael, quiet for a moment (tick tick tick), then asked very innocently, "They can pick their own nose?"

Sometimes parenting is hard, but moments like these make us laugh and keep us going.


  1. love it! once ryan came running up to us and said "first off, it wasn't me, second, it was an accident..." oh geez

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for the laughs! What a smart kid!

  3. It was great to hear from you on my blog. I think of you every morning that I make my bed when I put the pillow you made for me on my bed. I am glad to reconnect with you!

  4. Thanks for the laugh. I love the things that kids say. He's going to love having that to read when he's older!

  5. Laughing keeps us going somedays!


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