Friday, February 20, 2009


I don't know what came over me, but one night while I was sitting on the couch, I decided, "OK, now is the time to do it!!" What is it, you might ask yourself? Machine quilting. I had been avoiding it for a while now, because I didn't want to mess up my quilt. I guess you have to start from somewhere. I pieced a baby quilt a few weeks ago.

It was based (which means the back, batting, and top were layed out and then held together) and ready to be quilted. I kept putting it off until I finally found the courage to just do it. Ever since I've started quilting, I've been a hand quilter. I still love doing hand quilting, but it is nice to have both skills.

I've done machine quilting before but it was just straight stitches. This time I tried a method called stippling. It is free motion quilting, I just move the quilt around randomly and make this pattern. Because I made a tight pattern, it took longer than I thought it would. It took about four hours, but I finished it. It's not perfect, but this is the first of many to come! :)


  1. it looks really cool! i'm glad you finally gave it a try.

  2. This looks wonderful. I might just have you do some of my quilts I have. Your work is just amazing. I love everything you have done so far.
    Hayley Platt
    (Christopher's primary teacher)

  3. oh boy! You have more talent oozing out of your pinky than know the rest... I am so happy for you that your visions come to life like this!

  4. congrats Sachiko it does look awesome. Did you get the email I sent you last month after Josh's birthday party?

  5. Waouw: I tried for the first time this afternoon but I was a complete disaster. I took out the stitches and started hand quilting. But now that I've read your post, I won't give up.


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