Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Earthly Angel Visited My Home

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a knock on my door. I was not expecting anybody, so I was wondering who could that be? I opened the door and there stood one of my neighbor friend, with some fabrics in her hand.

She said, "I found these at a garage sale and noticed that these are moda fabrics and thought of you!"

She handed me the fabrics.

"Really?! Wow, thanks! How much was it?", I exclaimed excitedly.

Also thinking that, wow there are actually people out there who sell MODA fabrics at a garage sale?! Bring it on! One of the fabrics I had bought a few years ago and really liked it; you can always use simple red like that one. The other one was a pattern that I have never seen before and I FELL IN LOVE with it!!

I was eager to pay and claim them as mine. Then she said, "Oh no, it's a gift!"
I asked her a couple times but she insisted that I needn't pay to recive a gift.

I was very touched by her kindness and the fact that she thought of me while she was out having fun at the garage sales. She not only gave me fabrics, she also showed me how to be kind and make someone feel so special.

Thank you! You totally made my day, and I want you to know that you are one of my earthly Angels. :)


  1. Very pretty! You should give her my address!

  2. What a wonderful neighbor and friend! I'm sure you must be a wonderful neighbor and friend too, or she wouldn't have thought of it!!! Congrats on the Moda!


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