Monday, June 1, 2009

Time to Celebrate

Last Friday was the last day of school. Michael graduated from kindergarten. It was such a special day for all of us. He loved his teachers, made many friends and did amazingly well academically too. He got a graduation certificate and was so excited about moving on to the 1st grade!!

Christopher, soon to be a 3rd grader came home with a certificate too. He was so excited that he got an award. Let me share the certificate with you...

I was so excited for him. I exclaimed, "Good job Christopher!", as I read the award. The award he recieved was for...

*Drum roll*


Maybe in ten years if he finds out about this post he might hate me for this, but oh well. Christopher loved to talk during class and that was the area he needed to improve in. I did not know that you could get awarded for having a lot of enegy, unless he was generating power for the school or something.

The fact that he was happy made me happy. I guess I will frame both of the certificates for them.

My friends know that my boys are energetic but now it is official.


  1. that!!! I had some teachers who would have been happy to give me that award!

  2. Congratulations to both Michael and Christopher. energy~ that is so cute! He must be the starlight of his class.

  3. That is so funny!!! They are so cute! I can't believe he is so big!

    PS Got the amazing bag and I love it!!!

  4. I'm glad his teachers are recognizing his talents! Even if I did giggle...

  5. Kelle got one for "diligence." I think her teaching was probably running out of the regular types of awards so they have to get creative.

  6. oh man that made me laugh out loud!


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