Friday, June 26, 2009

A Letter For Future Rachel--Modesty & Fashion--

Dear Future Rachel,

I can't deny that I like clothes; I love them. I am not being materialistic or vein. Every morning I think about the possibilities; color combinations, mix and match, and stuff. It is one of the thing that makes me happy and I always have enjoyed this since I was a little girl. I enjoy the clothing in the same manner that I enjoy quilt making. It's another way to express myself.

Ever since you were born, the enjoyment has more than doubled. I love to dress you and I alike. We don't wear the same thing, but I pick out the same color theme or if I wear a brooch you wear the same flower hair bow. (Your brothers are forever thankful that you came along, because I did that with them too.) I am going to have fun with this until you enter the teenage years and tell me "Oh, mom, please!"

Speaking of the teenage years, I often wonder what kind of young lady you will become. There are many aspect of this, but I will write about modesty and fashion.

There are few things I know:
1. More skin doesn't mean more attractive.

2. Well if more skin get lots of attention from the opposite sex, that is the wrong kind of attention. Trust me you don't want that!

3. Just as important as 2, Don't sell yourself short.

4. Most of the time, people assume who you are with how you are dressed. If you are a nice, decent young lady, why would you make your life harder by wearing something that makes you look less than who you really are?

5. Treat yourself with respect. Dress accordingly.

6. There are many ways to be modest and at the same time accomplish a modern, cute, and stylish look.

I hope you will keep those things in mind as some advice from your mommy. Also, there is a story I want you to read, here goes...

Your daddy was talking to a friend at work, and he told daddy a true story about his friend that happened a while ago.(so, this is fourth hand story telling, details might be little off)
One day, he received a phone call from his neighbor telling him that his teenage daughter would leave the house in modest appropriate clothing and then change into immodest clothing at school. She would then change back before coming home.

He felt some embarrassment and anger but he decided wait a little while. A few days later, his daugther came home with a report card, and it was a good report card. So, to celebrate and reward her for her efforts he took his daughter to a populer hang out spot for her school. She was all excited. All the popular kids were there.

They were talking and having a good time and the father said, "Oh, this place is so hot! I'm sweating." Then he took off his shirt. Now picture this, an overweight hairy chested man wearing a wife-beater shirt a couple sizes too small.

The daughter was shocked and embarrassed and shouted under her breath, " Dad! What are you doing! You are embarrassing me!!"

Then, the father's face turned all serious and he leaned over to his daugther and said, "That's how your mother and I feel when you change at school!"

Wow... what a story... now Rachel, your father is the kind of man that if he really has to go all that way to teach you guys something, he would. Such a self sacrificing and humiliating method, but an effective way to teach. And, trust me on this I am the kind of mother that will support him 100%. I will be behind him.

I hope you will make the right choices. I will always be there for you if you need help on this. We will have a mother and daughter day out and go shopping or go through my closet and be creative so that you can accomplish number 6 on the list. It will be so much fun!!

You don't want a dark spot on your teenage memories do you?




  1. Thanks for sharing the story. Very cute! Hopefully she got the point.

  2. What a wonderful letter. I have always been modest, but find it even more important as I begin raising my little girl. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ok, love the story. I think I may print it and keep it!
    I worry with 3 little girls. They love being modest now. Let's hope they can keep that value in mind!

  4. Sweet letter. As a mother of 2 girls and a YW advisor (Miamaids), this is a great future idea for a lesson...

    Thank you.

  5. A great letter Sachiko! i think Rachel will appreciate when she's older. And you are truly always dressed impeccably.

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! LOVE THIS!

  7. Awesome letter!! I loved the story! I need to share it with my friends at chruch and my own daughter!! Thanks for a fantastic post.

  8. There should be more people like you in the world. Modesty seems to be so lost in our society today. As a young married woman, I find it very disconcerting how hard it is to find modest clothing.

    Obviously being modest did not interfere with my life. I have a wonderful and handsome husband to show for my "modesty". No need to be someone you aren't to get something that you don't really want after all!!! Thanks for a wonderful blog....

    (I know this comment is MONTHS late, but I was reading all your old posts and just had to comment.)

  9. I loved this! I hope you don't mind but I want to use this idea to right something similar to my daughters on my blog. Thank you so, so very much. Maria


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