Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tutorial---Amy Butler Scarf Headband---

It all started when I found this headband at the dollar store. Well, I don't care for the gigantic fake gemstones but I saw the potential. I tore off the covering to to work with the plain headband.

You will need:
. One plastic headband.

. Little more then 1/3 yd of your favorite fabric (13"x 28"to be percise, but if you want to make your scarfs wider and longer, you might need more).

. Two kinds of glue.

. Ribbon the length of the inside of the headband.

1. Cut out one 13" x 13" square from the fabric. Cut that square fabric in half diagonally, then cut a 4" wide bias.(This piece is to cover the head band)

2. Cut the scarves. Using the rest of the fabric, fold in half length wise and cut 2 3/4" wide x 15" long strips (you should have 4 pieces). Cut the ends off of one side at a 45 degree angle. I'll call the angle end, the bottom.

3. Leaving the top of the strip open, sew the other three sides together.

4. Cut the bottom corner to have a clean fininsh. Then, turn the strip inside out and iron.

5. Using the glue (the green labled one), cover the headband with bias fabric. Put the glue on the inside of the headband only. Since the fabric is cut in bias, you should be able to stretch and pull the fabric to fit onto the the headband better. It is kind of tricky, it needs to go on smooth, no wrinkles. (Good luck!)
Then, using the fabric glue, attach the ribbon to hide the seams.


6. Cut the excess (1/2" below the plastic ends).

7. Make three pleats on the edges of the scarfs, then sew them onto the edges of the headband.

8.Cut 2 1" x 2" ractangles. Fold them in half and fold them again. Use these to hide where the headband and the scarf were sewn together.


9. Enjoy! It is ready to be worn.

Usually, my head shape doesn't agree with headbands. They move around and come off easily; that is why I don't wear them that often. This scarf headband is sooo nice! I wore it all day today and it actually stayed on pretty much stayed in place until evening. I love it! The scarf I made is not very long so if you like a more dramatic look, just cut longer and wider scarfs. I hope whoever tries to make this will have fun and that the headband will spice up your summer wardrobe!


  1. This is a terrific tutorial! I love the scarf headband!

  2. I love this! I'll be looking for a headband this weekend. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  3. i may just have to make one of these for katie...but she's a stinker with things in her hair...why won't she let me play dress up with her like she's my own personal doll?!

  4. Great tutorial!! My daughter would love one of these. thanks

  5. Great tutorial! I love the fabric too :)

  6. Thank you for the great tutorial--I love the fabric you chose.

  7. Very pretty. Makes a very lovely statement that says "I have beautiful hair and I am gonna show it off." I love it!

  8. teriffic tutorial!
    Thanx for your comment on my blog...
    I often come by to see what you are creating. It's soooooooooo inspiring...
    I use the ribcord tuto also for a summer skirt... Still busy on it... Just using scraps of fabric for this almost finished project... Soon it will be on my blog...

  9. FAb tutorial. I'm so glad I found your blog. You look so beautiful I'm adding you to my bloglist. Hope you'll stop by. Best wishes from Sweden.

  10. absolutly beautiful! thank you very much for the tutorial! Linked in my blog:

    Chiara, Italy

  11. I really love your blog! Your tutorials really fit with my style and they look easy enough. :) Thanks a lot =D

  12. saw you featured on fabrics, bows, and more. Love your tutes! I'll def be back now that my sewing machine and I are becoming best friends .)

    Feel free to stop by and link up to my Make & Share 1st edition Fridays if you like.

    ~ Christy

  13. How wide is the headband you used in this? It's super cute.


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