Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Newest Favorites

I went out with my friends tonight, that was sort of our Christmas get together. We did a gift exchange, ate a lot, and of course, talked a lot. I am very blessed to have friends like them.

I just wanted to share my newest favorites. I have MANY favorites, I mean, big or small, people and things. I think it is nice to have "favorites" to make my everyday life happier.

The cup and saucer...

My friend gave it to me for my birthday. All the designs are hand drawn. How unique and pretty. I love the lace like design. It has been my take a break with style mug.

The Ring...

I found this ring at Beehive Bazaar. There was a booth filled with pretty jeweleries and there were so many of them that wanted to come home with me, but I decided to take only this one home. I have been looking for a ring like this for a long time and it was perfect. The flower matches my skin well and I love how the ring has an antique look. She has an etsy shop, I am definately going to visit her shop in the near future.

Do you have "favorites" that make your life happier?


  1. pretty cup and saucer. What lovely work...all hand painted..and the ring. Lovely. Don't you just love it when you find something you been looking for for a long time?
    I have a favorite mug I love to drink my Earl Grey tea out of and a favorite blanket I like to snuggle up in by the fire place and some fave slippers. LOL, see a pattern here?
    Have a great day Sachiko!

  2. How beautiful! I especially love that ring. Gorgeous!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that cup and saucer. Did she just give you that cup or do you have an entire set? Just gorgeous.

    I sell rings like that in my etsy shop too actually! Ironic. You can check it out, if you would like.


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