Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Basket Makeover

I posted about how much I love baskets before. I love them in many diffrent colors and shapes. They are wonderful just sitting on the floor, or organizing stuff around the house. I espesialy LOVE the handbag style baskets. If you have been reading my blog, you would know how much I love going to the thrift stores too.

when I find a handbag style baskets at garage sales or thrift stores, and if it is in a nearly new condition I have a hard time not taking them home with me.
As soon as I see the right one, all sorts of ideas pop into my head about how to make them look prettier.

Well, I sold some of them over the last few months, but there are several more waiting for thier turn. (I have to sell them before I find more baskets!) The busyness of the holiday season and being sick and all, I feel like I have been behind in a lot of other projects, but I just had to do this one.



It is a small change, but to me, adding few thing make the basket unique and special. Everythig is removeable, I like things that are versatile. So for the summer, I can take the fur off and just put on a flower or somthing.

There are two other baskets that are sitting on my sewing table and waiting patiently for thier turn. When I finish them I will share the pictures with you all.

Meanwhile, Christmas is nine more days away. With all the shopping, making, baking, writing, sewing, attending, wrapping, cooking, and gathering, our life gets crazy, but whatever you do I wish you all to have holiday cheer in your hearts!


  1. A great makeover. It looks just so special and elegant now. You have a great eye for design.

  2. that seriously just "made" the bag/basket


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