Friday, December 11, 2009

Tutorial ~Scrappy Corsage ~

Ok, I was sitting and working on a project the other day. It was a project that I kind of made up as I went along, then I had a mental block. So, I kept sitting there trying to figure out how to finish and still, nothing came. I decided to work on something else, that's when I spotted those little pieces of fabrics on my table. That's how this scrappy corsage was born.

I will share a quick tutorial.

You will need;

Three different fabric scraps

A metal botton to cover it up

One silk flower

Alligater pin or clothes pin, whichever you prefer.

How to:

1, Fold the scrap pieces right sides together, then cut six sets of peddles for the outer peddles and six sets for the inner peddles. I just eyeballed it, my outer peddles are 2 1/2" tall X 2" wide in the bottom. The inner peddles are 1 3/4" tall X 1 3/4" wide in the bottom.

2, To make the peddles...the order is cut, sew, turn, and fold the bottom.

3, I cut out a circular piece of wool then, sewed the outer peddles on to it. Make inner peddles same way as step 2, except, the way to fold the bottom is little different. Use the picture as a guide.

4, For the middle part I chose to use a silk flower. Cover the metal button then, sew it to the flower.

5, Put eiter alligater clip or clothes pin. Ready to wear!

After I was finihed with this, I was able to come up with the design for the other project. Isn't it interesting how our minds work? Sometimes we need a little detour to figure something out.

As soon as Rachel saw this corsage, Rachel was asking me if that was hers...
"Well", I said, "I will share it with you but it's mine." ;)


  1. What a lovely corsage you've made!! And the tute is clear and easy - Thank you!

  2. Sachiko,
    Thank you for commenting on our Japanese sewing blog. I got to look at yours. You are one creative lady. Beautiful family, too. Are you LDS? Seeing your marriage picture made me wonder. Alison and I are.

  3. so sweet.

    thanks for sharng it

    barbara jean

  4. so pretty. That little mental block allowed you to play with fabric and have fun and then it helped you with your other project. Don't you love it when that happens. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I love your use of stash never has such cute stuff in it.

  5. I have just discovered your blog today, thanks to a friend of mine. I will visit you again, I like your work very much, congratulations.


  6. this is just beautiful, I have seen many fabric flowers, but this is just the best. Thank you for this lovely tutorial.

  7. Hey, thank you so much everyone for the kind comments on the corsage! It was really fun to make and inexpensive too.

    Marie'- As for your question, yes I am LDS. The picture was taken at the Salt Lake Temple.

  8. My mom and I spend hours looking at your blog!!! We are always amazed at how talented you are! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So beautiful! I featured this at

  10. What a beautiful corsage! I love all the layers!!

    I featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  11. Love your blog. Have just added you to this list. Pass the word

  12. Your tutorials are very inspiring.
    Continue the great work, especially for our- the beginners - sake;)

  13. it's really very beautiful !
    thank you for this tutorial!

  14. I love this - thanks for sharing!

  15. Sou apaixonada por rosas, obrigada pelo tutorial!


  16. I just read your tutorial, and cannot wait to create a scrappy corsage of my own! I love how easy your directions are to understand, and the photos help a lot too! Thanks!


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