Saturday, December 25, 2010

1 of the 12 pains of Christmas

How was your Christmas? Over all, my family and I had a wonderful Christmas.
Wait, did you catch that? Are you wondering why I said "Over all"? Well, let me tell you what happend to my little girl on Christmas Eve.


No, the "thing" around her head is neither an exercise head band from the 80s' nor a part of her outfit. That is a bandage.

The morning of Christmas Eve, my husband and I were still in bed and enjoying that we didn’t have to get up so early... we could hear the kids playing at the hall by the stairs. Then there was a

"BANG!!!" followed by Rachel's loud cry.

"WHAT THE!!" We thought that Rachel fell down the stairs.

But, this is what happened. There was an exercise device hanging over boys’ bedroom door. Christopher didn't want Rachel to come in to their room, so he closed the door on her. That caused the exercise device to fall on her head.

She was screaming and crying, so I held her and rocked her for a while. It was after she calmed down that I found out she had a cut on her head. It was small, but I said to my husband.

"We are going to the emergency room!!"

Yup, that's how she got 4 staples.

There were several things that went through my mind when Rachel came out from the doctor’s office with my husband (I waited with boys in the waiting room) after she got treated with the bright head band on her head. First I thought;

"What is that?" then, my mind processed that that is a bandage. The next thought;

"I am a maniac, a maniac..." then some reason, the 80s' music video came to my mind. Another thought;

The famous Christmas song "The 12 pains of Christmas" popped into my head. Then I thought, oh, Rachel got 4 staples in her head from her brother...

I know it is not funny, but sometimes that's how my mind works to find the humor in bad situations...

I am so glad that she didn't get seriously hurt, and I am crossing my fingers that we get through this year (one week left!) with NO STITCHES AND STAPLES, unless they are for sewing and crafting...

NOTE: I am sorry; I have been so busy and didn't have time to go through the link list. I will post the link love next time. :)


  1. OOps..Injury at any festival is really oops...i wish Rachel will get well very soon & will enjoy her Holiday..stay blessed...Enjoy your Festival...

  2. That happened to me years ago on Christmas day, my middle child ran into corner of door and had 3 stitches. Wishing your daughter feels better soon & enjoys the rest of her Christmas!

  3. It's considerable that the hospital gave her a bright-colored bandage. I hope the cut heals soon.

  4. It was considerable of the hospital to give her a bright-colored bandage. I hope that her cut heals soon.


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