Saturday, December 4, 2010

Link Love No 32!

Before I start link love post, let me tell you about this dessert I had tonight at a restaurant...

It is called "Chocolate Lava cake with hazelnut whipped cream". Mmmm... Writing the name out make me drool. It was SOOOO good! We were pretty stuffed, so we only order one cake. I thought to myself "Ah, I will just have a bite". I am sure that every one in my family thought that too. Wrong. After we had our first bite, the cake was gone in a second (we might have looked like vultures).

I need to know how to make it. Does anyone know a really good recipe for this? If you do, please email it to me!

Well, I need to get a hold of myself and start the link love post...

Chick Chick Sewing shared this very pretty rag wreath tutorial. I love how she put the fabric pieces on to the wreath.

Sarah from Welcome to the Good Life is known for her amazing repurposing skills. She shared some of her secrets on how she does it. It is very easy to understand, with lots of helpful hints!

Check this out! I am in love with this legging...ok, maybe not for me, but for my little girl. This Jcrew inspired legging tutorial was linked by Mama Says Sew. This is such an easy way to dress up simple leggings into one of a kind piece.

Oh, boy... Aren't they so beautiful? My Salvaged Treasures created these necklaces out of keys and vintage parts. I love how she combines things. Great work!

Leg cozy anyone? Shwin & Shwin created this cute leg cozy. This is such an easy, nice project to do. I bet it will make a great Christmas gift too!

Oh, my "Things to make" list gets longer and longer... do you guys have the same problem? Thank you so much to share your creations everyone, have a nice Sunday!


  1. those leggings are fabulous, I know my little girls would LOVE them! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. i do love your blog! i definately have a list of projects i want to is a long, long list.

  3. Those keys are fabulous! I will have to try that!

  4. Awww... Thank you so much for featuring my fabric rag wreath on your post!!! I always enjoy your blog very much :) Keep up with your wonderful job!

  5. Thanks for the link love! That cake does sound heavenly, but the hazelnut whipped cream sounds the best! I only wish I had a recipe...

  6. Thanks for featuring my leggings! It made my day. I have a recipe for chocolate lava cake, but I'm not sure its the same thing you had. Mine is a cake that is more chocolate than flour with a warm, melty chocolate center. Is that what you're looking for?

  7. Ohh, I like the fabric wreath and leggings, cute! :)

  8. thank you so much! it always makes my day! :)

  9. I'm a little late with this, but thank you so much for featuring my key and vintage jewelry necklaces, so much to do this time of year. I always enjoy your blog and all the fabulous creations. Thanks so much for hosting.


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