Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tutorial ~ No Sew Felt Pot Sticker ~

Some of you who have been reading my blog might be thinking "Is she a little bit obsessed with Pot stickers lately?" Well, I might be.

I made a bunch of post stickers the other day for dinner and froze some. While I was wrapping pot stickers over and over and over again, this idea came to me.

"Why not felt pot stickers?!" :) I was over joyed with this new idea. I had to quickly start making them. I have a group of friends who I go out with for dinner once a month, and for the month of December, we had a gift exchange planned. The limit was $10. I love gift giving and thinking about what to give and making it unique is so much fun. When I was little, I dreamed of owning a gift shop, so I could wrap the presents for the customers. (Really, that was one of my dream jobs...)

I already had a few things that I got for a really good price, but I still had some room to spend to reach $10, and then, another idea came to me. (Oh my gosh! Two ideas in a row? I was on fire that day!) I decided to wrap one of the felt pot stickers and add it to the gift bag...

When one of my friends opened the gift and saw the felt pot sticker she asked, "What is this?" Then I told her that that is a token for Sachiko's homemade frozen pot stickers. The fact that she loved the gift made me very happy!

I will give you quick tutorial of how I made them. It was a very easy and quick project, to make 7 pot stickers start to finish took me less than 30 minutes.

{You will need}

Ivory color felt (you can cut 6 circles from one felt)
Fabric glue

{How to}

1. I used one of my ribbon spools as a temple, it is 4"diameter. Trace, and cut the circles out of felt.

2. Put fabric glue slightly from the edge and about an inch shy of halfway around the circle.

3. Fold the circle in half, and start making pleats just like wrapping real pot stickers. Leave about 1" opening for stuffing. Press each pleat well to make sure they stay. Put a little bit of glue on the each pleats to glue them down to the pot sticker.

4. I stuffed them with rice to give them a more realistic weight. Although, you will be surprised to find out how little you need to stuff one pot sticker.

5. Put some glue in the opening, make one last pleat and glue it shut.

That's it! I lined them up on the plate, and I was pretty happy with the results. When the kids came home from school, I asked my oldest (he LOVES pot stickers) if he wanted pot stickers for a snack and showed him the plate. He got so excited and came running towards me and then realized that they are not real and said "Hey!” hehehe...I think this is one of the fun parts of being a mom. I get to tease my kids.
Don't worry; he got to eat real pot stickers for dinner. :)


  1. How neat! I am going to make these for my daughter.

  2. My kids love pot suckers so they would love these. Thanks so much this tutorial.

  3. And I'm an idiot. It's really early. I started to comment, then walked away, and came back and totally went off track and confused. Awesome. I meant to say that our family loves pot stickers, so my kids would love these. blerg. no more comments at 7:00 a.m for me.

  4. Wow those looks just like
    real post stickers!!
    SOOOO cute!!


  5. What a fun craft idea! I'm dying to delve into more of your posts! Might even try out your real potsticker recipe... though my family loves the frozen ones from Costco which may be a tad bit easier ;)


  6. Haha! I saw the first picture and thought you were going to teach us how to cook! Haha!

    These look very very cute though, might be stealing your idea for some cute kids I know. For some reason I am all about felt food for kids this year.

  7. I think I might try to make some that are 18" doll size for my daughter for Christmas. She still loves realistic doll food.

  8. So cute!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  9. I am a new follower and I just want to tell you how cute those pot stickers are. I think my kids and a couple other kids are going to get some for chirstmas.
    Feel free to check out my blog at

  10. How did I miss these? They're adorable! I'll have to make some very soon. :)

  11. Just wanted to let you know that we like your felt potstickers so much we posted a link from our Butterick Patterns facebook page. Nice work!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that we liked your felt pot stickers so much we posted a link from our Butterick Patterns facebook page. Nice work.

  13. Fantastic! Thanks! I am going to make these with my kids over the New Year's vacation. :)


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