Monday, December 13, 2010

Material Obsession 2

This book was one of my birthday presenst from my husband. I have been wanting to get this book for a while, so I was soo excited! The first thing I said though...

"Did you use coupon?"

He looked at me with disbelief "What?"

...Ok, I will shut up. It was a gift from my sweet husband, its ok if he paid full price.

I had a 33% off coupon in my purse for Borders. I should have secretly slipped that into his wallet...Oh well.

I don't really have time to sit down and read it cover to cover right now. I am enjoying looking at the beautiful pictures of quilts and dreaming of cutting the fabrics for one of the quilt I really liked. (I have no idea when that is going to happen)

I have "Material Obsession" too. I love both books! The quilt projects in those books are very inspiring and fun to look at. I really appreciate talented people like them. I am 99.9% sure that they don't read my blog, nor don't even know that I exist, but I want to say "Thank you for sharing your talents! I am a big fan!"


  1. I have the first book too and love it! I am watching a copy of no. 2 on ebay at the moment!

  2. Hehehe surely if you still have the coupon it just means you can get something else :o)
    Enjoy the book. I have both and I love them.

  3. I do envy you. I've been eyeing both books for a while now. Oh! Happy belated birthday to you :)

  4. My husband does not use coupons either... He gets embarrassed when it dig for one in my wallet. If a store wants to give me something free or extra money in my pocket - I don't mind a bit!

  5. Congratulations! I have both books and I love them.

    Eelynn @ Babies

  6. I love that you thought about the coupon. I would have thought the same thing!

  7. Hi, Kathy Doughty here! I too leaf through books looking at photos. You have no idea what a thrill it is every time I read a blog about the book. It is such a honor. Thanks for your post and I hope you enjoy the book and are inspired to make something from it soon. Enjoy! Kathy

  8. this really you? The person who is responsible for "Material Obsession"? I am sooo excited and honored to have you here! Ahhhhhh!


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