Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link Love No.37!

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Me? I stayed in bed pretty much all day. I am still not recovered from the flu (I don't know what I have), and the whole week was like that. I decided to take some much needed rest since I didn't have anything I had to do or be at, and I had my husband to stay home to take care of the children.

It's hard for me to just stay in bed and do nothing. Although I had a book I wanted to read, so it worked out actually. I usually don't have time to read several hours in a day (If I do, I am usually sewing). Today, I managed to do that between the cold chills, fevers, and severe coughs. I don't like being sick, but look at the bright side, I finished the book!

Hopefully, I will be much better next week and get going full gear. :) Meanwhile, bundle up everyone, and take care of yourselves so you don't get sick...I don't wish this on anybody.

This week’s link love...

Obsessively Stitching shares her cupcake pin cushions. Ok, I have seen many cupcake pincushions before, that is not so uncommon. BUT, check this out...she used a cherry coke bottle cap to make a tiny pincushion for her finger! How clever, and fun!

This pink dress was made by Nest Full of Eggs. I love the style of the dress and all the detail she put in. Very lovely...

Now, I don't have an apple tree in my back yard, but if I did, I would sure want this! Leafy Tree Top Spot shares the Apple Picking Vest she created for her father for Christmas. I love the fabric she chose; this is truly practicality meets style. Wonderful job!

Ms smarty Pants share a lamp redo. I love how she chose this shade of blue. It just adds the right touch of drama to the whole look.

Erin from Decor Allure shares picture of her finished basement. She and her husband did a wonderful job putting everything together so beautifully. I must say my most favorite is the built in bookshelves. They look amazing!

Another fabulous link party. Thank you everyone for participating!


  1. Thanks, Sachiko! I sure hope you feel better soon. I think it should be illegal for Moms to get sick with all that we already have to deal with when the kids are sick!

  2. thanks for featuring my pink dress ~ happy 2011 to you !

  3. Thank you for highlighting my blog! That lamp began as such an ugly duckling, that anything would have been an improvement!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out. I really appreciate it.


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