Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial ~ Sweetheart Hair Clip with Wool ~

The last post was about my wool projects. I mentioned that I would go to a thrift store and buy old sweater or wool clothes (100% wool), and make wool felt. Some of you wanted to know how to make wool felt. So, I found my old post that tells you how to do that. Then, you will have your wool felt.
If you don't want to go through that whole process, you can always buy beautiful wool at most of the quilt stores too.

Now that you have your wool, I will show you how I made the sweet heart hair clip for my daughter.

{You will need}

Three different types of wool
DMC floss (the ones that color coordinate with your wool, and green for leaves)
Hair clip

{How to}

1. First, cut wool. One large (with pinking scissors), one medium, one small and three small circles.

2. Then, place the small circles on the small heart; sew them with using a slip stitch. Sew three beads in the middle of the circles. Then, add pearls randomly.

3. Measure the hair clip, and make two small cuts on the largest heart. This way, you can slip both sides of the clip in the back of the wool later on.

4. Layer the small heart and medium heart together. Embroider leaves around the circle flowers. Then, lay them on top of the large heart and sew.

5. Put a dab of fabric glue on the end of the clip and slide it in to the cuts you made earlier in the back of the large heart. Wait until it dries completely.

Now, it's ready to wear...

Ok, I admit it. It is BIG. I realized that when I put it on to her head. That will give me an excuse to make more of those, but a little smaller. What color combinations should I try next?


  1. I love it, thanks for the directions on making wool.

  2. it is big, but SUPER cute! I never thought to felt my own wool from thrifted/old sweaters. seriously! such a good idea.

  3. that is a good idea, i'll have to try it. I hope you don't mind that I added your button!

  4. That is pretty huge, but it's VERY nice! Thanks for the cute idea!

  5. This is really, really pretty. I love it! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be spreading the word. And I love the size!

  6. See how you inspired me to make my own heart.


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