Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Link Party No. 38! / 1200 yards

1200 yards; I did it!

I had this quilting thread for a few years. I love hand quilting, but the only time I hand quilt now is while I am waiting for the kids in the carpool lane, at the martial art studio and such; if I don't have anything else I have to do. Needless to say, the progress is very slow. I used the last thread that was wrapped around the spool today.

I hand quilted several quilts with this one spool. 1200 yards total!

Now, it is time to break into a new spool.

Hello, another 1200 yards.

It is your turn to show us what you have been working on. Have fun visiting each other and leaving comments. Let the party begin!

Here are the rules;

1. Please post something YOU made. It doesn't matter if it is crochet, quilt, clothing, anything would be fine. I want to see it! If you use someone's idea or patterns please give them the rightful credit.

2. Link to your specific post, that way it is easier for everybody to find and read it.

3. Please grab the "Tea Rose Home" grab button, and link back from your post. If you can mention the party in your post or place the button on your side bar, that would be great! I want more people to have a chance to come and show off their creation.

Thank you for your participation, and making this link party sucssesful and fun!


  1. thats alot of needlework! what are you planning on doing with the spool? it is kinda beautiful like your quilt...

  2. Hi, I'm having a giveaway in my blog if you want to participate!!!

  3. Just discovered your blog and love it! Thought I'd join in the fun...thanks!

  4. Thanks for the party! Linked up my mirror.

    Take Care.
    Deb @

  5. I'm so impressed. A lady I know is paying me to bind a hand-quilted quilt her grandmother was working on when she died. I've never really seen one so close before! We've got a long drive to Disney coming up, maybe I should try hand-quilting out.

  6. Congrats on getting through all that thread!

  7. Congrats on using the whole spool! That's amazing.

  8. Congratulations, your quilt is looking awesome.

  9. that's a lot of thread!!
    I'm really amazed!!!

  10. Wow! Hand quilting. You are AMAZING!

  11. That is so awesome. I'm determined to learn how to hand quilt.

  12. Congrats! It's going to last a super long time!

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!

  13. I totally admire your patience for hand quilting. I just cannot seem to do it. I prefer to get it up and the frame and let the machine do all the work!

    I am your newest follower - you are super talented and I love your blog. I would love it if you would come and link something up to Fantastic Friday.



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