Thursday, January 13, 2011

Motto to Live By

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Speaking of wall art...I recently made one for myself.


If you get around in blogland, you probably have seen this type of decor. It is all over the place. I love the saying; it's simple, but so true and helpful.

One thing I know about myself is, I don't handle stress very well. So I try to keep my schedule organized, simple (if that's possible), and try not to over commit myself to things. Although, life happens. Sometimes, no matter what I do, I get overwhelmingly busy, and yes, I get very stressed out.

The saying I found last year, really helped to keep me grounded. In many occasions, I reminded myself "Sachiko, it's ok, it's not the end of the world, keep calm and carry on". Whatever serious situation or not, the saying "keep calm and carry on" really puts things in perspective for me.

One serious incident that comes to my mind is when my husband lost his job last summer. I was in shock, and scared for a bit, but I have children to take care of. Besides, being fearful doesn't help with anything. To have inner-peace, and just carry on with the things I can do in our everyday life helped to keep our family going, and made our bonds stronger. He found a new job in a little over a month, it was such a relief.

I will share another incident (not so serious, well, to me it was, but probably not to you) the saying "keep calm and carry on" helped me.

We were visiting my in-law's house, and I went to use the bathroom. I was washing my hands, and looking at myself in the mirror, when...!!!

I found my first gray hair! And there were three of them. Well, at first I thought, "No, that can't be. Maybe, MAYBE, when I colored my hair, I bleached it too much, so it turned a lighter color. Yeah, that's it, that's not gray hair."

AND, I did the thing people tell you not to when you find gray hair. I pulled them out. No, I wasn't thinking straight, don't judge me!

I had to make sure and investigate, if they are gray hair or not. My in-laws have dark cabinetry in their bathroom, so I put my hair against it. No matter how much I squinted my eyes, blinked and stared at it, it was gray hair. Gah!!!

I flushed them, got out of the bathroom, and was feeling sad.

It took me a couple days to finally tell my husband about my dark (well more like gray) secret. He thought it was so funny that it took me that long to tell him about it. He laughed "Hehehehe..." and gave me a bear hug.

Now I think of it though, it is a blessing that I got to see my gray hair. When I was born the doctors told my parents that I would not live past my teenage years, even with all the medical stuff I've been through. All in all, I am still here to see my aging process! I can't say that I am ready and bring it on, but I will remember to gracefully carry on.

My hope is that when I am old and mature, I will have beautiful silver gray hair and pretty wrinkles that only so many smiles can engrave. It will be wonderful, if I can offer wisdom to pass on to the next generation and wit and humor to lighten up a room.

I don't know what 2011 will hold for me, but whatever I do, and how I react in certain situations surely leads to what kind person I will be in the future.

"Keep calm and carry on"

Would you like to take a challenge with me?


  1. I have to admit staying calm is one of the most hardest things to do - ever! at times my heart is racing and my mind is moving faster than I can process each thought.

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!

  2. I am 42 And i have one stipe of gray hair -right down the side of my face - I look like the actress on xmen -
    (You'd have to see the movie to understand)
    Aging is what we are supposed to do - No worries -

    Have a blessed weekend :)

  3. As popular as this sign/saying has become the past year or so, I still love it. I love to think of the people in WWII going on with their lives, reciting that message, in the face of such tragedy and lack of hope. It's such a beautiful thought, really.

    I found a grey hair while sitting with my son in Primary the other day. He was facinated by it and played with it the rest of our meetings! (I pulled it out, didn't know you weren't supposed to)

  4. I like the sign but it is the "Keep calm" part I cannot fulfill. I always "Carry on" with too much ardor and passion.
    As for the grey hair, as long as it stays on I don't care the color it comes through. You don't worry too much. Keep with the motto!

  5. I resisted all the 'Keep Calm...' merchandising stuff for so long, but I do have a buspass holder with it on - it is my motto for the rush hour commute!

  6. When I was 24 I found gray hair, now i've got much more of them. but I have so many thing to do that I really don't bother about gray
    it's really for me: Keep Calm and Cary On

  7. Loved your post! Gray hair? Please, even gray hair can't make you look a day over 25! You are gorgeous!

  8. I love that motto too... must put it up in my new home. I got the first white hair a couple of years ago...and I am 36 now. I would slightly rephrase the motto to keep calm and enjoy life... we only have one!

  9. Know what you mean. I enjoy reading your blog a lot when I get the time. It is inspiration to me!

    It's funny you mentioned CSN Store. I had them email me about doing a giveaway on my blog. If you like shopping there, I am doing a $25 gift certificate for them right now.

  10. That's a great saying - so true, and so versatile! I'll do my best to remember it when times are tough. :)

  11. I'm an A(++) type personality, and it's something I'll struggle with for life. But as I age, I have mellowed some. There are so many tragedies in life, that I try to keep it all in perspective. Meditation helps A TON!
    (I hate to admit it's there, but gray hair came instantly after my daughter's traumatic birth.)

  12. I'd already spotted some grays in the past, but three brand new ones sprouted directly out of the part on the top of my head ON my 30th birthday in December! No joke!

  13. I like to pull out my gray hair too.
    Friends told me that the more I pull, the more gray hair I will get.
    I don't believe it. But I believe if I keep on pulling, I will be bald as gray hair are more than black hair.
    Now I highlight my hair to brown to cover up the gray one. Let's age gracefully.

  14. I also freaked out a little with my first gray hairs. But then I remembered that a good friend of mine got her first gray hair when she was 9! I know someone else who started getting gray hairs at 13. Gray hair doesn't mean you're old.

  15. I had never heard this saying before, but I LOVE it!!! I too have a hard time dealing with stress and pressure situations and now i will try to remind myself to "Stay calm and carry on". I enjoy your blog!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Telling the truth when I have some problem, my first reaction is fear or anger.
    But ( as my husband says ) problems are for solve.
    So after I shouted or cried, I think about the problem and try to solve it, for ever, never see back again on this problem.
    Sometimes sport is a very good help.
    But there are hurts, so deep ( usually when somebody attack my family's existence ) what I couldn't solve for
    ages. I have found a solution: help others. No matter if nobody help me.
    So I would change your motto for me: carry on and help others.

    About gray hair: My grandmother died last year, she was 95. But her hair wasn't totally gray.
    I am 41, and I don't have any gray hair. But I have wrinkles, and plus kilograms..... so I can see the time goes by, I can see in the mirror.
    It is very odd, because in my soul I feel myself 25.
    And my husband loves me, my children too.
    And we getting older together, just like you.

    And sometimes I think: in the haven I will be tall, slim and 25 :D

  17. What a cute story. At least you were calm and didn't over react.

    Its Cheri one of the other stars from Crafting with the Stars.

    Cheri and

  18. As much as I don't want to admit it, I need to dye my hair. It seems they have multiplying over the past few months!

  19. I needed to see that. I love it. I need to remember it as well. As far as the gray hairs? Yikes! I found my first one not too long ago and was surprised it was this recent! the amount of stress i have been under daily..I should have a full head of them! Knock on wood i don't. (Knocking loudly!)

  20. I love your honest posts and wise observation. You always have a way of saying things that make sense to me. you know, how it click and I would say 'ahh..I felt that way too!'. Recently my friends of my age told me that she had far-sightedness. shocked. I can't imagine that and was checking my eyesights now and then. Hope that i too can learn to grow old gracefully : ) Thanks for the sweet post.

  21. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and insight about this matter. I know we all go through this sooner or later. I think it is fun to share stories and what we felt.

    You guys made one of my milestones much more special for me.
    Thank you!


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