Sunday, May 15, 2011

Link Love No.53!

Sorry guys that my link love post was late. After going out to the International Quilt Market, and bloggers meet up for two days in a row, I was sooo exhausted!

I don't know why (probably I talked too much with in those two days)but I also lost my voice. I can still talk, but I have a husky, deep man voice now...

When I came home one night, my family was sitting on the couch and watching TV.

I said "I'm home", they jumped up from the couch and looked at me. My second son yelled "Mom has a man voice!! :)...yes, with a mischievous face.

I also don't speak much because it irritates my throat. When my kids speak to me, my responses are very short. Imagine me speaking in deep man voice with short responses.

My kids thought that I was in a bad mood! Christopher said "I love you mommy" with the tone of "What's going on". Rachel would ask me "Are you ok?" Then, they started picking up some toys and helping out around the house. Heheheh...

Don't judge me; I let them believe that I was not happy until the living room was all clean. :)

The busy, but magical weekend is now over, and I made great memories.
Now, are you ready to see my link loves for this week?

Isn't this a fun and thrifty idea? she wears flowers shared this tutorial on how to make this toy laptop out of a wipes case. Looks like the process of making this is also a lot of fun!

Oxford Impressions shared this raw edge quilt. At the quilt market, one of the quilts that caught my eye was a raw edge quilt with colorful apple core shaped fabric pieces. This one is like a mosaic tile work, very fun to look at. I bet you can use bunch of scraps for this project!

This is another quilt project (after looking at so many fabrics and quilt related projects, my head is filled with quilts!). Amy from Diary of a Quilter shared this Brick quilt with us. I love her use of colors and how the bricks are shifted from each row. Simple, yet, a very interesting design.

I am not a gadget person, my motto is "simple is best", BUT, when little simple tool can truly make your life a little bit easier and save time, it’s worth it right?
Made it on Monday shared rolled hem tutorial by using the "rolled hem foot". Really? I actually didn't know such a thing existed! I might run to the quilt shop tomorrow. :)

I have been wanting my perfect sewing room for a while, The Elephant's Trunk shared a beautiful craft room project. I let out an "ahhh..." Isn't it so beautiful? Love the paint color she chose too.

Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful creations! Have a wonderful week!

*Note* I am guest posting on Tuesday over at Sew a Straight Line. She is hosting a fun event, "Make it Work". I did a t-shirt makeover for this event; it was a really fun project to do!


  1. I'm so sad I missed out on the Market, but it sounds like it was a blast after talking to Sabra! Hope your voice comes back soon:).

  2. Don't think of it as a man voice.... think of it as you sound like Kathleen Turner (you know, before she became a man on Friends.) :)
    That craft room you featured is swoon-worthy.

  3. It was SO fun to meet you. And I didnt think you sounded like a man at all. But that is REALLY funny. Especially that they cleaned in an effort to make you happy. I love it!

  4. So fun to meet you at the Blogger's Meet Up! I, too, have a million quilt designs going through my mind right now! Hopefully I'll get to make some soon!


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