Monday, May 2, 2011

Same Quilts, Different Personalities

I did it. I finally finished them. I pieced those quilts for my boys years ago, and they were in the drawer patiently waiting to be quilted... I have been in the mood for getting my hands on some unfinished projects, and these were one of them.

I am not really good at machine quilting yet and I didn't want to do tiny hand stitches on those quilts. Seriously, I know the boys will be making fortresses with them, drag each other on the quilts, eat with them; I wasn't going to spend hours and hours of my time.

I decided to hand quilt, but not with tiny stitches. I was inspired by some quilts in the book Material Obsession... I decided to hand quilt with big stitches (in the book, Kathy recommend to use perle cotton No.8 for this style of quilting).
It went fast, and I was able to finish both quilts in a couple weeks!

They are the same quilts, so I decided to do different quilting designs on them to make it easier for the boys to know which one is who's.

For Christopher, I did random circles...

For Michael, I did a cross pattern with quilting on the edges of the rectangles...

It is so interesting to see that the difference in quilting design gave a different feel to each quilt.
People often ask me if my boys are twins(they are two years apart), because they look alike; although, their personality is so different from one another.
Just like this quilt...they look alike, but they have thier own charactor. I think they fit perfectly for them.

They are trying out their new quilts. Don’t they look like a couple birds on a telephone wire? :)


  1. They are beautiful- so are your pictures. You have such a talent!

  2. Love the pictures of your boys in their quilts! I like the colors and the different ways you quilted them. :)

  3. The quilts are quite nice. I love the pictures of your boys on the fence. I have two boys just two years apart as well. Some ask if they are twins too.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me so I gave you a "You Inspire Me..." award that you can pick up at

    You really do inspire me, Thank You.

  5. i love them- boys too- the big stitching is wonderful. perfect companion to the quilt.


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