Friday, May 13, 2011

OH! My First Quilt Market

Can you guess where have I been today...? Take a wild guess (I wish you can see me grinning).

International Quilt Market!!! Yes, my first one ever!!

I have always wanted to go to the Inter National Quilt Market. I don't know if you are familiar with the Market, but, lots of fabric and quilt designers will have booths and showcase their next product line. I know, some people say that Disneyland is the best place on earth, but to me this is it! There is a really big one in Houston every fall, and the spring one is held at a different location every year.

Guess what? This year it was held in Utah! It is driving distance for me and thought I had to go! I had no idea what to expect and I was little nervous at first, but it would be a huge understatment if I say it was a great experience.


I met several desingers that I admire and wanted to meet, and they were super nice. Un... Can I name Amy Butler, Sarah Jane, Sandi Henderson, Kaari from French General and so on... Oh, I was in heaven!

The market was very big, and I heard that the one in Huston is even bigger! I can't imagine... There was so much to see. It was a lot of walking, lot more than I normally do so I am gonna crash tonight. I am attending a blogger's meet up tomorrow night, I need my beauty sleep... (really, I need all the help I can get for a good first inpression. It is a little scary to see people in person from blogland. Most of them only know me in my blog if not they wouldn't know me at all).

I will post one pictue from the market though, I know one of my friends that couldn't come with us is dying to see this picture...

I have a lot going on next week, so I can't say when, but I will tell you more about the market soon.

Oh, know what I will dream about tonight. Good night everybody. :)

NOTE: I asked the desingners if I could take the pictures of their booth, and got permission to post them on my blog.


  1. My cousin is helping out there! She's just entering the world of fabric designs.

  2. I didn't know you live close! My mom & I have been there all weekend. Are you doing the classes?

    Well probably better I didn't know you would be there, or I'd be following you around trying to convince you why you should be my best friend :o)

    Glad you had fun - it is simply has been amazing!!

  3. I am so envious!! Have fun at the bloggers' meet up. Sounds like it will be inspiring and much fun!

  4. Oh it looks so great. You are so sweet to bring me some fabric. Thanks for being a great friend!

  5. Do you mind if I ask how you got in, haha? The site says it's a trade show, so I know I'm out of luck. But they look like the super fun shows :)

  6. You have NO IDEA how jealous I am. I hope it will be in Boston someday.

  7. Oh, you are so lucky! That would have been so fun to go see!

  8. Market was amazing! Sarah Jane's booth was one of my favorites, too! I can't wait for her stitchery patterns to be released this summer!


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