Saturday, October 8, 2011

Link Love No. 70!

Thank you for sharing all your creations this week. :) You won't believe what happened to me this week... I had a cold or flu like symptoms with a fever of over 103 for a couple days and slept almost two straight days. Seriously... a wound that hasn’t healed from the angiogram, leg pain, and a fever?! I wish I was making this all up but I am not. People say when it rains it pours, I guess that is true. I feel like I should stop writing my "sick journal" but this way at least you know why I have been slacking lately.

Well, there were a couple good things that came out of this fever...

1. It was good that the procedure was canceled last Thursday, if I had a fever they couldn't do it anyways.

2. After two days of sleeping, I hardly ate; I discovered that I had lost a little over 3 pounds. :) (I know most likely the weight will come back soon, but...yea!)

I still have other problems, but the fever subsided on the third day, and I started enjoying all the links in bed, so thanks everyone!

So here are the link loves for this week.

I actually saw a cute, well I should say "handsome" blazer for boys on JCrew’s website for $185.00 the other day. Ugh! Melly Sews shared this handsome looking blazer for toddlers she sewed. Didn't she do an amazing job? I like that she chose fun fabric for the liner, instead of the plain ones (hidden cuteness inside). :)

In the past couple of days, it has been so cold, and I am in the mood for warm and cozy food. For some reason, "Honey Butter" shared by Babblings and More sounds soo good to me right now, and it is so sweet that her son wants to make them on his own.

Three Mango Seeds shared her great find at an auction, and how she gave new life to old furniture. She did such a beautiful job and I LOVE all the pillows on top.

One of my son’s birthday is approaching soon, and this cake reminded me of that! At Second Street shared this AMAZINGLY well made Millennium Falcon lego cake with us. I showed the picture to him (he is a diehard Star Wars fan) and he said, "Wow, yeah...". :)

Oh how I love this project! I can't stop crafting saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s website a while ago and wanted to give it a try. This waxed leaf garland turned out so nicely, and I bet it is so beautiful to see light hitting it through the window.

They were all so wonderful. Thank you everyone!


  1. Thanks for featuring my blazer! Hope you're on the path to getting well now.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our honey butter! I'm glad you are feeling better!
    Briana @

  3. Oh Sachiko, I am sorry to hear that!!
    Get better soon and let only positive thoughts guide you forward!
    Sending much love and hugs,

  4. Sorry that you have been sick. I hope you start feeling much better soon!

  5. you've been through so much lately, I sure hope you're holding on OK (& I cannot believe you continue to blog through it all, you're so strong)

  6. Hi Sachiko, Sorry to hear you were not feeling well, but glad you are on the mend. Best Wishes!

  7. Hope you're able to heal up quickly! Take care!

  8. So happy your feeling better! Thanks a bunch for featuring my dresser makeover. :)


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