Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Love / Shabby Apple Skirt

I am scheduled to go in to get a procedure done this Thursday. Having and trying to recover from the angiogram and to have another procedure so soon seems like a lot. Honestly I am not enjoying the craziness at all.

But you know, life is not always bitter, there is sugar sprinkled in so it will be bearable even in the difficult times too. :) If you are wondering what I meant, check out the gorgeous skirt below...

I received a skirt from Shabby Apple just before the angiogram. I was planning to do a review post right after I get better but it was taking me such a long time to recover and couldn't do anything for a while that I decided to have a little fun before the next procedure. Head over to my sponsors' page to read more about it.


  1. OH.. you are so strong.. what a blessing your writing is to me.
    I have my down days also, my faith & family get me through too.
    when I was at my lowest I would walk alot.. I live in the country , so I would sing . This is the Day that the Lord hath Made I WILL REJOICE & BE GLAD IN IT " even if I didn't feel like it :-)I reminded myself I had a purpose & it was not to wallow in self pity , but to get up & get moving. Help some one else. isn't it amazing how helping others, no matter how small the deed , makes US feel worthwhile.. God has indeed instilled in us that gift.

    your words mean a lot .. you bless others through your trials.

    I will pray that you recover quickly & those you have blessed will in turn bless you :-)

    Have a fabulous day.. ( God hath made it after all :-)

  2. I'm sorry your having another procedure. I hope this is the last and that all goes well. Take care of youself.

  3. This is skirt is adorable!!!! It is similar in shape/style as the one in the sew along on burda. I am glad you had a little something to make you happy during this challenging time. sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. Beautiful! And the skirt is too!

  5. Beautiful skirt!! I hope your next procedure goes well for you. Your spirit is uplifting to all of us who follow you.

  6. Hi, I'm an avid reader of your blog. I've been missing you for quite a while. I pray for your fast recovery. God Bless...

  7. okay that skirt looks so much better on you than on me!!! :)

  8. I hope you will have a prompt recovery. The skirt looks great on you


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