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Untold Story of My Medical History/ Part 2

Thank you all for your comments on the "Untold Story of My Medical History part 1" Your kind comments energizes me and I feel so blessed to know that I have such supportive readers. Really, thank you! I want to make sure that you know this story happened several years ago. Because I share my procedure and such periodically in my post, I think some of you are thinking that the story is happening right now. The "Untold story of my medical history" is about few years after I came to U.S and got really ill, and found an amazing treatment to control my condition.

In the meantime, I had my procedure done on Thursday, and am recovering. I feel well enough to hit the keyboard today, and decided to tell you what happened after Dr. D's visit... (if you haven't read part 1, please read that post before you start reading this one).

After Dr. D left, I kept on crying. I felt confused and didn't know what exactly was happning with my body. Also, I felt so sad and powerless for what just happened and how I had been treated by the doctor.

The next thing I did was to called Mr. TRH, and wanted him to listen to what happened. "Hello?" the groggy voice answered... I totally woke him up. After I realized it was still very early in the morning, I felt bad, because he stayed with me at the hospital until really late the night before, he must be so tired... He said, "hey sweetie, what's up? Are you ok?".

That did it, a kind and familiar voice... I started crying again. I told him exactly what happened, he told me that he is going to jump in the shower and come right over.

Shortly after that, a young nurse came in to the room. She asked me, "what happened? The doctor seemed upset". She sat down on the chair by the side of my bed trying to comfort me. Between the crying and blowing my nose, I was able to tell her what happened minutes ago. She sighed and told me that it is not the first (or second) time that he acted that way. Thanks to her, I felt slightly better.

By the time Mr. TRH came in to the room to see if I was OK, I was still upset, but talking to the nurse and seeing Mr. TRH made me feel slightly better. After listening to me, he went to the nurses' station to get the phone number for Dr D's himself.

Here is what happened at the nurses' station, while I was lying on the hospital bed and waiting for Mr. TRH...(he told me afterwards)

He went to the nurse station, and the nurses knew he was upset, well...very upset. As soon as he asked for Dr. D, they call the Dr. D's office for him. Here are the conversations they had,

Mr. TRH, "Dr. D?"

Dr. D, "Yes, this is he."

Mr. TRH, "This is Mr. TRH. You just visited my wife a few minutes ago."

Dr. D, "Yes"

Mr. TRH, "I want to know what tests you ran to know that my wife was pregnant."

Dr. D, "Well, uh, I uh, didn't run any test."

Mr. TRH, "So then you did not know that she was pregnant. Did you not look at the chart?"

Dr. D, "I assumed because she said that you guys were trying."

Mr. TRH, "Oh, so you assumed. Is this how you go around making all of your diagnosis? You have people's lives in your hands, you don't have the luxury of shooting from the hip, that's how patients die."

Dr. D, "Well, I uh umm..."

Mr. TRH, cutting off the doctor in mid excuse, "We are getting a new doctor. Do not come by to see my wife again. You are fired!" (now that I think of it, he claimed the phrase "You are fired!" before Donald Trump).

Then Mr. TRH hung up the phone, thanked the nurses, who were giggling (apparently they didn't like Dr. D either) and returned to my room.

After he told me about the conversation with Dr. D, I was bit surprised, but well, not really. My husband and I are a lot alike, but we are very different in so many ways. His normal speaking voice is very loud, people always tell me I talk quietly. He doesn't mind being confrontational if he needs to be, I really don't like to be confrontational.

He is my constant guardian and I know he will do almost anything to protect me...

Side Note: Several years after the incident, we became friends with a couple. The wife and I were talking about our horrible experiences with doctors, and her story was somewhat similar to mine if not worse.

I asked her, "Oh my gosh...what was his name?"...

Yeah, you guess it right, it was Dr. D.

After he fired Dr. D, his partner Dr.T come to see me. He was different from Dr.D.
He was very talkative and friendly. The first impression of him was good, but the more I got to know him, my gut feeling kept telling me that we should switch to another doctor. I have been in and out of the hospital as long as I can remember. I have met so many wonderful doctors over the years, but also, the total opposite too.
After a few weeks of first meeting with Dr.T I found out that he will become one of the worst 5 doctors in my "career" as a patient.

Friendliness can be deceiving. I will tell you about him in Part 3...

To be continued...


  1. It is so infuriating when you can't get a good doctor. I have been sick all summer and finally switched doctors and the second doctor wasn't that far from the first doctor. I wish doctors would be nicer especially when they don't know whats going on and your scared and thinking the worst. I am glad your husband stood up for you, mine has done the same this summer :) Can't wait to read part 3!
    ~Molly P

  2. I am going to have to go back and read part 1 now.

    I wanted to thank you for featuring the ranch. (It was several months ago) but I am just now getting around to doing a thank you post.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. oh man, what a ride you've been on! I'm glad you are recovering from your procedure and hope you get better soon!

  4. I'm so glad he stood up for you and fired that Dr. more people need to remember that the doctors work for YOU and if they aren't working out FIRE THEM.

  5. glad you recovering and hands up to your man.

  6. Good for Mr. TRH! Can't wait to hear the next part. Glad you're feeling well enough to type again!

  7. Seriously, doctors can be soooo frustrating. I've been through the range of docs also and it sure makes you happy when you finally find one who cares and who knows what they are talking about. I wish there were some better way of making them accountable for the care they give, or the lack thereof. I'm so glad you have a husband who watches out for you!

  8. You have me on the edge of my seat! Thank you for sharing your story. And God bless Mr. TRH!!!! That part about the telephone conversation really made me smile :)

  9. Yah for Mr TRH!!! My husband and I both see the same doctor and just had to change too. The doctor we loved retired so we were given to another doctor in the practice. They were very different. Getting this doctor to talk was like pulling teeth. My husband had a CT scan in September that he still has not called to share the results with us about. We went to the CT scan office picked up his file and took it to the new doctor we now see. Best decision we ever made!

  10. oooh can't wait for part 3! Hurray to your hubby for kicking butt! xx

  11. Sachiko - I want to tell you thank you for sharing your story! My son and I have many medical issues (his are much worse than mine - his urinary tract and your veins are very similar in malformation). It is so frustrating to have to deal with doctors who are so insensitive and sometimes downright STUPID when it comes to bedside manner. I like Mr. TRH. I like him very much. Yay for both of you that he stood up for you the way he did - a good support person (or persons) is the best medicine, ever. You can only be strong yourself for so long, before you really need to lean on someone else for awhile. I am praying that you recover from your procedure quickly and without problems - and that this gives you much needed relief. Looking forward to when you are back to your sweet, creative, busy self!

  12. Among your many other talents, add wonderful story teller to the list! Looking forward to part3 even though I wish there where no story to tell and your veins were perfet. My husband has a malformed femoral vein in one leg. This they only found out after having multiple blod clotts form for no reason. He also has an extra clotting factor which makes him very suseptible to blod clots. There is a test out there called ALCAT. It is a food test that tells you what foods, additives, chemicals, molds cause an inflamatory reaction. As long as he stays away from theitems that test positive, he does not form clotts. The company is in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Worth the test. I have had the test done to. My asthma and allergies are non existent as long as I eat according to the results. If I start eating these foods, The constant irritation build up and causes system breakdown.
    You are in my prayers...
    You were this supper Mom before.
    Wow, you are amazing.

  13. Aw.. your husband is the perfect compliment for you.

    And thank you for sharing. As a mommy who has been in and out of the hospital many times in her life - it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who is constantly assessing doctors when they show up. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment and am hoping that you finally found a doc that was smart, capable AND friendly.

  14. Your husband is a gem! Didn't it feel so good in the midst of all you were going through to know he had your back? Go Mr. TRH!

  15. I'm glad your husband told off Dr. D! You poor thing!!! And it's too bad you've had your share of bad Doctors. I hope your Dr. now is better!!

  16. I am so glad to read that your husband took care of that mean Doctor and how he has protected you.
    Mr. TRH ROCKS!

    I can't wait for part 3!
    I hope you have a quick recovery and that you feel better soon. :)

    Take care,

  17. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us. This story - of doctors who have a terrible bed manner (at best) and negligent in their care of patients who trust their lives with them (at worst) resonates with me. I see this playing out over and over again in my own care and in the care of others. Doctors cite that "workloads are too much" as an excuse, or accuse patients as "non-compliant" (another convenient excuse). Patients should and must do what you and your husband did - make them accountable when they don't take that accountability on themselves. I hope that all the doctors you meet in your future are not like these ones at all!


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