Monday, October 3, 2011

ReStore / World Habitat Day

About a week before I was scheduled for my angiogram, I received an email from Carol who works for Habitat for Humanity of Utah. I will share part of the email with you all.

"In 1985, the United Nations declared the first Monday in October “World Habitat Day” in order to recognize the vast housing need in cities around the world. This year is even more special; Habitat international will build its 500,000 home worldwide and its 500,001 domestically. This is a monumental achievement. The Utah County office has built 43 homes locally and 133 homes internationally. This year our project requires your help..."

You may not be familiar with Habitat, so I will explain it to you. :) Basically the have a chain of thrift stores like DI or Savers, called ReStore, that specializes in furniture, fixtures and construction materials.

All profits from ReStore help to build more houses here in our county as well as worldwide. World Habitat Day is a day for individuals and organizations to change the reality of those living in poor conditions and to work together to find housing solutions for those in need.

She emailed me because she wanted me to pick some materials from their store and create something fun to share with my readers, so you will become aware of this resource that is available to you across the U.S.

I really wanted to help out, because I heard that they are going to Japan to build some homes too! Although I had to turn it down because of the upcoming procedure and the two tutorials that I was working on, but I promised her that I would at least write about this important day and the opportunity for us to pitch in and help for such a good cause.

First of all I needed to know what I am writing about, so I went to the store in my area. I also met Carol in person and spoke to her too (she was so sweet and nice!).

The store is huge! They had lots of construction materials, doors, cabinets (there is a REALLY nice one that I would LOVE to have in my kitchen), counter tops, paints, lighting fixtures, furniture and so on. Oh, and I found lots of paint brushes and rollers for so cheap! I couldn't pick up the project this time but I know where I can find awesome things for DIY now. Better yet, the money I spend there will help to put a roof over someone in the world. How great is that?

Since it is a thrift store, you never know what they have until you go there, but if you want to save money, and help out a good cause, ReStore is the store for you!


  1. My hubby is president of the local affiliate Habitat where I live. He has been researching opening a Restore for several years now. Might be something he would work on more when he retires from his real job.

    Habitats are great! You should get involved. Helping on a job site is great. You don't even have to worry about not knowing what you are doing. I find that most people who are there are very patient and willing to teach. I don't get to help on the job site very often as I have a 7 year old.

    My company just had a work day at our local build. It was great! I got to be with co-workers in an informal setting. I even worked with one person who never used a hammer before, by the end the day, she was pretty good with that hammer.

  2. I have been to the local ReStore and love what they do. My husband and I bought a few things there when we were remodeling our house.

  3. Hello,

    I am a Habitat home owner in Kansas and I can say this organization has changed my families life! I am a single mom with 2 teen girls and working with this organization has been an incredible opportunity for us.

    I would be glad to answer any questions I can from my end.

    Thanks for your help, every family greatly appreciates your support!

    Meghan in KS

  4. I have worked on a couple Habitat homes and it is one of my favorite organizations to volunteer. We worked side by side with the future owners of the homes while they were putting in their "sweat equity" and loved meeting the families.
    I have gone to the ReStore in Broward county. I haven't purchased anything as I was just poking around, but besides construction items, this one was loaded with furniture. Each time it is packed with people, looks like turnover of their products is high.


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