Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down Memory Lane / Pieced Bag

When I first started patchwork & quilting, there was nobody around me who did those types of things. Also, it was before the internet existed, I don't think the phrase "Google it" existed. After I got paid for my first job at 16 (seriously, I didn't make much but to me it was a lot of money...). I went to a book store and bought several books about quilt making. Slowly, I mean project by project I taught myself how to cut, piece, baste, quilt and bind to complete a quilt.

Since then, my quilt making skill hasn't progressed much, but the list of quilts I want to make is growing so much faster than I can do! Living in the capital of quilt making, I mean, you might have different opinions, but I am just saying, because Utah has so many amazing quilt shops, and it is so hard not to go in.

I think this bag was my third or fourth project. At the time I liked it a lot, but over time my style has changed, I don't care for it as much. Although, whenever I look at the bag with unmatched corners and seams with uneven quilt stitches, it humbles me and brings me back to where I started.

I think I would pick totally different fabrics for this if I were to make this now.

This hexagon was not paper pieced, I kind of like it though...

The bottom of the bag is even pieced and quilted...

There are two things that come to my mind while looking at this bag...

One, I had lots of patience before the kids wore it THIN.

Two, I LOVE LOVE doing hand quilting, but there are so many quilts that I want to make. If I were to hand quilt all of them, I wouldn’t be able to make them all before I die! I really need to get better at machine quilting. :)


  1. Sachiko,I love your bag because its not perfect. I love quilting and have 2 in progress for the last 30yrs LOL
    One is the hand stitched English octagonal and the other is a crazy scrap quilt. I love the idea of using what we have rather than buying new. I love cutting up old clothes and using scrap bits from other projects. Just like you delightful bag. Its perfect for me because its not perfect. :)
    My Grandma used to make them out of scraps from the cotton mills near her home in Lancashire England. She got the bags full for free. She lined them with old bedspreads that were past their prime. I loved them.
    Happy sewing xx jeanetteann

  2. PS my quilt is Hexagon not octagon like I said :)jeanetteann

  3. Your bag is simply beautiful. It actually looks like an old vintage quilt...the hexies are darling and I LOVE the bottom! Looks like it has been much used and much loved!

  4. I love your bag!! Soft colors and worn with love!

  5. LOVE the bag - do you, by any chance, remember where you found the pattern ? I would love to make this !

  6. So Beautiful!! I've been wanting to use up those scraps I can't part with I think I will do something like this!

  7. oh what a fun bag to look back on and remember the beginning of your quilting adventures!

  8. I love your bag - I can't see the handles very well though! how did you make them??

  9. I love that bag, I was wondering about the pattern also?

  10. I love, love, love this bag! It expresses so much, as in your fearlessness to try something new and now it serves as your 'base' ... a wonderful place to start your quilting adventure. You rock Sachiko!! You also inspire - thanks for sharing with us. JCinTX

  11. Your bag is just gorgeous, I love the muted colours. I too have so many quilts I want to make but it's finding the time - even by machine, they're so time consuming! Maggie xx

  12. it's beautiful!

    you should always treasure it!

  13. Sachiko, you're also lucky in that you can read the Japanese Quilt books. They are so gorgeous and inspiring. I just love this tote. I love the aesthetics, the handmade beauty of it. This is something that makes you want to reach out and touch it. Thanks so much for your inspiring posts.

  14. Sachiko - I LOVE your bag, it is beautiful! I love the colors and it looks so soft. I totally understand your love of hand quilting - to me that is the reason to make a quilt. I have made several quilts and hand quilted each one, none of them were perfect (or even close) but I loved the process. Snuggling under the quilt to do the quilting while watching a movie is the BEST. You did an amazing job!!

    P.S. Quilt shops are wonderful to go into, just to touch, feel, and smell the material :-D!!

  15. This quilt bag is absolutely charming - fabrics, pieces, hand stitches! I wish I could make something like it :)



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