Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Painted Wall

Before I begin this post...if you haven't had chance to read my Capri Sun review you might want to check it out. I shared one of my childhood memories. :)


You might be wondering what I have been up to...

There are still a bunch of boxes to empty out, though, I have been enjoying some interior decorating. I didn't have a grand plan nor the budget, but there were a few things I had in mind.

When I decorated our house I wanted all of my family too feel...

* A peaceful and relaxing atmosphere
* That they belonged
* Cheerful and happy

My personal decorating goals are...

* Incorporate kids' arts and family photos
* Decorate beautifully (without making my family feels like they can't really live in it)
* Mix some new pieces with vintage items and create a unique and personal style

Above all... to have fun!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am a budget conscious thrifty girl. I research the best price before I buy anything and I love to make things if I can. I will share some of my finds in a different post, but today, I am going to share some of the photos of what I have been doing.

I wanted to try beadboard wallpaper for a while and I decided to do that on the kitchen island. I am trying to decide which color to choose... I am leaning more towards the blue.

I painted a few walls and things since we moved in. Here is the taped wall by the stairs in living room. Oh, by the way I love painting the wall, buy I hate the prep work! I almost wanted to do it without the tape... Anyone have any advice?
Then, here is the painted wall...

I was so giddy when I pulled my family photos out of the boxes and decorate the wall. I hung one, two and three... and kept going. I know I have more pictures somewhere, but I feel like at least this wall is "ours".

So, here is the painted and decorated wall...

The kids are usually couldn't care less about how I decorate the house, but when they woke up and saw the wall the next morning, they loved it! I feel like I met one of my decorating goals. :)


  1. It looks so awesome!!!! Great job and thanks for sharing pictures.

  2. wow!!! you did a really good job! adorable wall with all those photos!!!

  3. Keep using the tape!!!! The prep is the most important part of the paint job, and without it you'll have so much more details to fix later. It IS the time saver. I have an electric paint pump and the "paint stick" and I love them both- the stick for smaller area's and that pump for big rooms. If you are going to paint a lot, they are both worth the investment. The stick is pretty cheap, easy to maintain and use again.

  4. Love your painting! We always use the tap....better safe than sorry.

    Like the bead board wallpaper!

  5. Bonus points to you - this is inspiringly beautiful. The subtle blue is so calm and lovely, and your photo arrangement is PERFECT.
    And, I've never heard of bead-board wallpaper - must have some! The blue goes best with that lovely wood floor in your kitchen, I think.


  6. We have done a whole lot of painting. Clean walls are a good thing! Cut your paint time a lot by investing in a trim pad by Shurline(I think, I got it at Home Depot). It takes a little bit to get the knack of using it, but you won't have to tape off between the ceiling and wall nor the baseboards and wall. You just use it to cut in. Instructions are on the card and I think the pad is about 10 bucks and the refills are about 3 to 4 bucks. They do wash out, but after a couple of rooms, I throw the pad part out and get a new one because I tend to get lazy about clean up.

  7. May I suggest a trim pad. They are made by Shurline (I think) I got it at home depot and it cost about 10 bucks. The pads can be cleaned but are replaceable (like rollers). It takes a knack to get used to using it but it saves tons of time. No taping between ceiling and wall or between the wall and baseboards. I am a stickler for a clean line when we paint,(we paint a whole lot) and this really works when used correctly.

  8. Ooh, I love it. The photo wall is really cool! You did a great job on it.

  9. I love the arrangement. Always use the tape. I dislike the prep work also, however it is worth it for the finished product.

  10. I love your house already just from seeing a couple walls. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  11. It looks so nice. I like your island and think the blue will look lovely. Your gallery wall is very nice, too- xo Diana

  12. It looks great! I have two questions!! One, where did you find the wall paper! I have been looking for it and no one around me carries it anymore!
    And two, what color did you use for the blue! I love it!

  13. Thank you everyone for such supportive comments! Also, most of you told me to keep using the painters I guess I will do that. I can't wait to share more progress with you all. :)

    It was so much fun to see you! I wish you lived closer to help me decorate, or better yet, go shopping together! :)

    I can't wait to see your house too! We should pick a day sometime soon. :)

    It was actually my knight in shining armor Mr. TRH that found the wall paper. I kept talking about it, and one day he came home with it!! He doesn't remember where he got it, but it was either Lowes, or Home Depot. The paint color is called Polar White by BEHR. I absolutely LOVE the color.

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  15. It looks like this summer has been about painting for many of us. We did our first painting job on the attic. We had to paint the wooden ceilings and chose to do it by airless spray painting...which means massive prep work (you can see what I mean here
    Though the prep work in this case took way more than the painting itself it was fundamental and I should have even taken everything out! We now need to paint the walls so I am really curious about your work. Did you use a roller or a brush or?

  16. Sewing Princess-
    Sounds like you have been busy! I used roller and brush.

  17. It looks just like you Sachiko! I can't wait to see your new home.

  18. Love the photos on the wall. I have always planned to do it and still have not got around to it.

  19. I NEVER use tape, only the rare occasion in a tight place I don't want my brush to hit the other side. The secret is a GOOD brush!! Purdy are the only brushes I buy. Tape will bleed, no matter how hard you press,'s going to bleed. If you get the hang of cutting in, you can do it with a good brush and save time and $ without having to tape. I just finished a huge office building...ALL with no tape! You can do it!!! Just get the BEST brush and it will be a piece of cake! Your new home looks so beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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