Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review ~ Fall Wreath by The Wreath Depot

Before I begin this post...if you haven't had chance to read my Capri Sun review you might want to check it out. I shared one of my childhood memories. :)

I have been working tirelessly turning our house into a home. Though, I feel like I am having PMS... no, in this context, it actually means Post Moving Syndrome (well, I made up this words). After I put together the kitchen and the living room, I started working on the other rooms, but it seems like I get distracted and all the rooms are half way done. Sigh... it is fun, but it also can be kind of frustrating. I have a vision of what I want to do for a particular room, then, I don't really have the budget right now. So I guess I am going to take it slow and just enjoy the process.

I have a one area of the home that I can share with you today though... (huge grin)

I have been wanting to make my front door area homey and inviting and I was given an opportunity to review a wreath by The Wreath Depot! This offer couldn't come at a better timing than this.

I already had a rug and the flower pots, I was so excited to pick out a wreath from their website. They offer many beautifully crafted wreaths for indoors and outdoors. After thinking it over sometime, I chose Valencia Red Berry Silk Door Wreath.

When I opened the box, I was so happy to see the wreath. It was exactly what I thought it would look like (when you do online shopping, that is one of my fears). I had to hurry and hang it on my front door.

Check. it. out...

Isn't it beautiful? The wreath is full and the color is perfect for the up coming season, I couldn't be any happier.

Head over to The Wreath Depot to see their great selection of wreaths for your home.

I have a project I have been working on for my next post, I will see you then!


  1. I've been in my house for over 2 years, and each room is still kind of half done! My home is older (1967), so there are a few updates we need to do, but there isn't a budget for that right now! :) Your house is looking beautiful. I love how the pots and wreath look. I had no idea home depot had wreaths. I'll have to check them out. Your entry way looks so inviting, I love it!

  2. Lynette-
    When we were first married I wanted to buy an older home and put some work in to it room by room. Though, we are both not handy, we took the new house route. :) I bet it will be fun though. Oh, by the way the wreath is from "Wreath Depot" and they are not related to Home Depot. :)

    Thank you for your kind comment, Lynette!

  3. Ha ha... I understand PMS. And I understand the frustration of not having the budget to do exactly what I want. I keep reminding myself that it will take time to make everything the way I have visioned. I would love to come see you and your house some time!

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